January 17th, 2009

bridesmaid reception

Name that logo!

Ok, everyone, I need your help. I need to find some logos for my Guides to guess. The age range is 10-14 (ish), which means that I can't make them really hard, but I can't make them too easy. I need a variety of different logos, which means I can't just use car logos...

Any ideas on logos to use are gratefully welcomed! Thanks!
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I can't believe I just watched Eurovision - Your Country Needs You, but nevertheless, I did. I partly wish I hadn't because it was mostly painful, but I did learn a few things.

The girls on the show are... not to my liking
The blokes are amazing
Mark is very droolable
Everyone should vote for MARK (ahem) or Emperors of Soul

In my opinion, it's right Charlotte went. She was good, but too young, but she definitely has some talent and a career ahead of her if she gets some training and some more experience. Jade is a Leona, which means I don't like her (various reasons). The Twins are... not to my liking. Emperors of Soul, amazing. I love your vocal tone and your style of singing. You may be called the Emperors of Soul, but you can tackle more things than just soul (not that soul is a bad thing). Mark, wow just wow. Gimme. He's a stage actor (which is amazing) who has been in Spamalot, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and High School Musical (girlies he plays Troy and well... he's better than Zac Efron in my opinion!). He's also got one hell of a voice, and if the rest of the people watching can't hear that... they need to be educated.

Vote for Mark!