January 20th, 2009

blackadder: cunning plan

2009 Season prediction

The amazing psychoseal wrote this a while back when bored, but then mislaid it. Nevertheless, it has now been found. I saw it yesterday and had to share it with you guys because it is absolutely hilarious. And so, without further ado, here is psychoseal's 2009 Season prediction:

The New Regulations
The make F1 interesting campaign

1.1 each previous race winner will be banned from the next race
1.2 The F.I.A makes the decisions on driver line ups.
1.3 The F.I.A can make changes to anything with no warning.
1.4 James Allen will not be allowed to mention Lewis Hamilton more than 10 times during a race weekend.
1.5 The winning driver will sing theirs and the teams national anthems during the podium ceremony.
1.6 The appealing of any F.I.A decisions is banned.
1.7 Anyone who disagrees or complains will be fed to Lex the shark

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bridesmaid reception

Obama's Inauguration

Woot! Obama! History has been made. The 44th President of the USA has now been sworn in.

Must say, I'm liking his speech - it's what's needed (and I'm not American!) but the lack of response to his comments about Bush amused me.

Can I just correct the BBC commentators... from what I could hear of the music (though you insisted on talking over it), the 'Air' was Bach's Air and the 'Simple Gifts' was the old folk melody (I forget if anyone actually has their name as composer for it, because the melody itself has been used many times and has been adapted into many pieces), and thus the piece was NOT composed by John Williams. Arranged, maybe, but not composed.

If anyone asks me where I was when Barack Obama was sworn in, I was sat on the floor in my front room, infront of the fire, because it's cold in here.