February 21st, 2009

bridesmaid reception

Happy Birthday loveberlinxo!

To the most amazing loveberlinxo,

I wish you a very happy birthday, for the 2nd or 3rd time, depending on whether you check this or MSN first! Sorry I didn't manage to do this earlier, I was in London :)

Love, me xxx

P.S. I did find a book while in London titled 'A guide to Berlin' though on closer inspection it was the gay guide to Berlin *giggles*
little miss giggles

Two things

Firstly: I had the most excellent day in London with the lovely feeverte. Possible write up to come later. No pictures from today, but may eventually manage to post my pictures from the last visit to London!

Secondly: Robert Webb doing Flashdance is THE FUNNIEST THING EVER. If you missed it on Let's Dance for Comic Relief, check it out on iPlayer! It's also really quite scary cause he actually dances really well, but... well, if you missed it... I'm not spoiling it!