March 3rd, 2009

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Save Firefly!

I have just received messages from people on Facebook about Firefly. Bear with me while I copy these across from Facebook.

The group leader of 'Let's Try to Save Firefly' sent a message to the group leader of 'Firefly' saying:
"We might be able to save firefly thanks to Hulu. They are having a Hulu Awards on their site, and one category is "Shows We'd Bring Back" and Firefly is in the running! To vote, go to this group and follow the instructions. Seriously guys, if we get everyone to vote as many times possible and [Firefly] wins, Fox will see this and realize that people would watch Firefly if it is put back on the air!

Here's a group I made to give instructions on how to vote:

I'm not trying to spam everyone, but this really might just work"

Amongst other things, the group leader of Firefly said...:
Looks like we're in 5th place from what I can tell.
There's a 'special' place for those of you who don't vote.....;-)

As a Firefly fan, I dutifully clicked across to see the group and saw this shiny info about how we might be able to save Firefly. For those of you not on Facebook, or those who just don't know about this for whatever reason, here are the details, copied exactly from the group, of how you can try and save Firefly. I'm only copying this directly because it's written well and we need more people to know about it if we have any chance of saving Firefly.

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So Firefly fans, GO FORTH AND VOTE!!
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Seth Lakeman

Go forth and listen to Seth Lakeman. He is awesome.

I heard about him on a Channel 4 show ages ago,* but was on my way out so didn't do a lot, but the name stuck in my head after I was transfixed by what I saw. Folk music will never be the same again.

It's still on my to do list to get some Seth Lakeman stuff, but YouTube is sufficing at the moment.

*by 'ages' I mean 18months to two years ago, if not more, I can't remember (funny how names stick in your head though). This post may seem 'a little late to the party' but it's more about getting other people hearing his stuff. He only really came into the public eye after someone heard his work and nominated him for the Mercury Music Prize (or whatever name you know it under yada yada). That catapulted him into the mainstream but there are still not enough people who know and or appreciate Seth Lakeman, hence this post.