March 18th, 2009

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Sebring Update

They've only done test sessions so far, but things are looking good (and I'm liking the two new pics I've seen so far!)

Audi dominated Monday's tests but Peugeot fought back on Tuesday. I say this, though it's not strictly true. When I looked at times for the 2nd test on Monday, the 07 Peugeot was 3rd then proceded to climb and was 1st for a while but when I next checked it was lower and finally finished in 4th that evening.

The timings from yesterday looked like this Collapse )
I find this slightly confusing though because the 07 car did far more laps and the 08 car is nowhere to be seen! For your information, it was Nic Minassian who did that time

Nevertheless, this is only a test, so you can't read too much into it! The first practice starts in a few minutes. I'll update more later, probably when both practice sessions have been done.

Couple of links deltachild found: Audi dominates first Sebring test and Peugeot tops Sebring test day two
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Damn and Blast

I now know why the 07 Peugeot hasn't been out today.

"The No.08 Peugeot set the pace in the first official practice sessions for the Sebring 12 Hours, but its sister car had to sit out the opening day due to a cracked tub.

Nicolas Minassian, Pedro Lamy and Christian Klien's No.07 car had been quickest in final testing on Tuesday, only for the crack to be discovered during a routine inspection that night. A new chassis is being flown out from the Peugeot factory, but the car is expected to miss tomorrow's qualifying session."

Full story here