March 22nd, 2009

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There's under 2 hours left now. 1hr42mins if you must know.

It has been confirmed that Allan McNish is a robot: he is in search and destroy mode.

There was more to this, but I can't remember it all. Might check back through sometime when I'm awake.

Quick update on positions: Bourdais leads with McNish hunting him down. Next is Luhr in the Audi 1 who's covering the stint for 3rd driver Marco Werner who has cracked ribs and is unable to race now. Luhr and Rockenfeller are splitting the remaining time between each other. In P4 sits the 07 Peugeot, currently being driven by Pedro Lamy. This is good, especially as they've had the problems with the air conditioning in that car. Unfortunately they're still 8 laps behind the leaders, but well, what can you do now, short of the others having problems? Christian's been out already in the dark and I don't know if he'll do the very final stint. Pedro might stay in and do a long stint, or they could put Nic in, but Christian has shown to be very quick in the dark. Who knows what they'll do. I'm a bit lost with the pit stops etc now.

However, this is my favourite time of Endurance racing: night. There's something epic about them racing with essentially only the light from their headlights. None of this namby pamby lighting of the track nonesense. However, I do think that the night racing at Road Atlanta was more epic than this, but maybe that was due to who was racing who at the time... and the fact that by that time they'd already had numerous yellow flags, moreso than here, but there you go.
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The end of Sebring is nigh

After yet more technical problems, the 07 car finally draws to a halt. Pedro Lamy pulled it slowly off down the service/escape road. It's now being towed off. Goodbye 07 car, I shall miss you. You've had all the problems today, which is a shame because your three drivers have driven well. Apparently it was broken transmission that made him pull out.

McNish leads. It looks like he will win in the Audi 2. I assume that Montagny will finish P2 and the other Audi will finish P3. We still have a few mins left, so anything could happen, but I think most of the interesting racing has taken place now, it's all too calm there. Besides, I'm not that bothered now, because the 07 car has gone. There's a possibility that they might still manage to stay 4th overall, but it really depends on how many more laps the 15 car behind them manages to do.

The commentators on Motors TV have really kept me amused today. They're rather odd, but they're funny.
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Sebring 09

Finishing off my entries on Sebring, here are the final results. Well, I should say 'provisional' because the final results aren't out yet, but I doubt it will change really!

As you may know, Audi won overall.

Audi 2 - McNish/Capello/Kristensen
Peugeot 08 - Bourdais/Sarrazin/Montagny
Audi 1 - Rockenfeller/Werner/Luhr

The 07 Peugeot I was supporting didn't make it to the end of the 12 hours, but it still managed to come 4th in class 5th overall. There are 4 different classes for these races, P1, P2, GT1 and GT2. There is an overall winner but there are also winners in each class. Audi won P1. What is credible is the 3rd place green award the 07 Peugeot got without actually finishing!

I give credit where it's due and applaud McNish for his driving. He really did drive well and deserved the win. It's annoying that some of the race was fought on pitstops rather than on track, and it's a shame that the 07 car didn't finish cause all 3 of their drivers (Minassian/Klien/Lamy) drove well. Yes, they had mistakes, unlike McNish, but Christian Klien for one does not have a lot of experience in this type of racing, so I am still impressed. I now await Le Mans for the big Audi/Peugeot battle.

I have some more interesting pictures which I will post soon, when I've sorted them out.