April 2nd, 2009

firefly: kaylee glee

And the 3rd place goes to.... Jarnoo

Success! Lewis is punished. Heard about it a few minutes ago courtesy of BBC Radio Shropshire News Headlines. Not entirely sure about the details, I just happened to squee after I heard that he'd lost his unfairly given third place.

Edit to add more details because I forgot to press 'refresh' on the news article I'd been reading before: It's even better than I thought. Not only has Jarnoo been reinstated as Mr P3, Lewis has been excluded from the whole Australian Grand Prix! He loses all his points "for providing evidence deliberately misleading to the stewards at the hearing on 29 March"

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Edit: Sometimes I wish I had the brainpower to write an LJ entry immediately... 10.07 is 4 minutes after I heard, but I did manage to post on Twitter immediately!