July 19th, 2009

have fun storming the castle

Guten Tag!

Hello all

I'm currently coming to you live from an internet cafe in Karlsruhe. Just letting you all know that I am alive and I will spam you all with updates when I get back home, but you have just over a week still free from yours truly!
The easiest way to track my progress, and get some rather amusing comments, is by following me on Twitter. You don't even need to be a user there to follow. Race wise, in short, it was COMPLETELY FREAKING AWESOME watching Lewis lapped, overtaken etc (I got confused when each happened cause I couldn't remember everyones positions haha) by almost everyone, right in front of me. Bahaha.

Also, as I've just had this conversation with loveberlinxo on meebo, I'll share it here too:

Collapse )

Will tell all about our lovely and completely awesome banner later, when I can post pics too and I can wax lyrical about the amusing conversation with the mechanic I spoke to. Also, the Robert Kubica song, the Vettel Mania song and much more will be revealed... hehe.

Can't remember what else I was going to say now! Oh well

I'll probably stay in here a while and kill time so I don't end up going shopping. Karlsruhe is nice, but it makes me want to shop... I don't like shopping much normally and I also have a weight limit for my case! Will probably head back up into the city centre later and get some shots of the castle, if it dries up. If not, I don't know. Just need to work out if I do that before or after lunch... not that I'm hungry yet!

Anyhoo, talk to you all soon. Watch my progress on Twitter, come talk to me online for a bit or text me :)