July 26th, 2009

bridesmaid reception

Good people of LJ...

I have already mentioned this to the good people of Twitter...

I am considering making a big poster/card for Felipe and obviously, thus sending it to him. We have a contact we KNOW will get it to him, regardless of where he is.

Would you guys be interested in contributing anything to it: pictures, messages etc?

I'm looking into getting a PO box so people can post things through, because well, it's not safe for me to give out my address and to make me print out loads of things is going to cost me a fortune in ink (which will end up being more than a PO box!)
When I have things more thought out, I'll get back to you but what I want to know now is who is interested in it?

The idea is to collate things and send it at once, rather than having lots of separate things sent.