September 30th, 2009

stig blank

This is Vienna calling

Hello from Vienna

A few observations:
My German sucks
I have no sense of direction
I am confused by buses

With two of those there, I may well be The Stig (see the TG race across London).

I also have no internet at the moment (am currently on Sabrina's laptop now that she's back from hospital). I would say that if anyone has any thoughts as to how to get me online (I've tried the usual) then let me know, but as I have no internet, that might be a little tricky... They have wireless internet here but although I use that at home, my laptop will not recognise the wireless internet. Normally it will recognise even secured wireless internet and will ask for a password... but alas, no. I've tried turning my wireless internet off and on and thus doing the same with their modem but to no avail. I may try again shortly but I need to go spy on buses soon, so I can work out where on earth to get on it tomorrow! I know roughly where it is but I don't exactly know where it stops! This is a problem. If you have any ideas on the above, please text me. Thank you