October 17th, 2009

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On shopping and dancing :D

This has been an expensive week. On top of all the other things I've bought, I've just bought a years premium pass to Spotify. 'Can't you live with the adverts?' Yes, but apparently you can only travel for 14days with free Spotify so to keep listening I've had to go premium, which gives me unlimited travel. Though, it's taken them long enough to realise that my IP address is no longer in the UK!

What else have I bought recently? Well... Thursday I had to go shoe shopping and got my hands on a rather nice pair of winter shoes. Boots. That's what I meant obviously. They're a bit pricey, but they're a good pair! Also got a pair of cheaper shoes cause mine are dying (this is in addition to the two pairs I bought last week) and Snoopy slippers cause my Eeyore ones died. Oh and a radio. I now have a radio, kinda. It's a radio/clock/CD player with a line in for MP3 player use :D Strangely, the thing I like about it most is that I can turn down the brightness on the clock so it doesnt glare at me in bright green in the middle of the night!

Also bought my dance course yesterday. Because I missed the first two lessons I paid a bit more and had a private dance lesson to catch up. On this I have one thing to say: Private dance lessons FTW!!!
It was a bit weird going to class later where not surprisingly the other people there didn't know what they were doing, when I'd had a partner who could actually lead before. Thenagain, you do kind of expect that in a private lesson! But, I was shown what to do etc and had it explained to me in English, so I know the theory of whats going on as well, and why one pushes slightly against their partner in Ballroom hold etc. I think this part about Ballroom hold was skipped over by them in class, based on a couple of the guys, but hey ho, I know it :D However, I do totally love dancing. Once I got my head around the basic Waltz steps I loved that in my private lesson, but it wasn't as much fun in class because my partner didn't know what he was doing. I know it's really bad too, but I ended up leading half of it because he REALLY didn't know what to do and we'd have just been stood there! In class, I quite like the Tango, and our instructor managed to get immature giggles from everyone last night while demonstrating one of the steps for Tango in Ballroom hold. I was also getting quite good at Cha Cha Cha until Lady Gaga got stuck in my head and then I started getting it wrong. We were doing Cha Cha to Poker Face. My partner in that one was much better though and also knew I was British and started to take the mick when I got it wrong (but in a good way). None of the others would have got away with that!

Soo before I forget, I must write this down.
Private lesson - basic steps of Waltz (English Waltz as I kept being told by Thomas), Quickstep and Boogie Woogie.
Class - Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Quickstep (basic steps for all again).

Class is 90mins long, well, just under because we have a break in the middle. My private lesson covered the steps done in the first two weeks that I'd missed - they did it in 2 weeks, I did it in about 45mins. Yay me. Thenagain, as I said, it does make a difference having a partner who knows what they're doing, because you can follow. Nevertheless, I do totally love Tanzschule. The school I'm at now, Stanek is shiny. Literally. You go down the stairs into it and theres loads of shiny things! I also have a cool membership card. It's electronic and it's got my name on it and all. You have to sign in with them each time you're in, but they've also said to keep it and if I ever come back to Vienna in the future...

SO. Yes. Quite bouncy at the moment, despite being tired. I'll try and get pictures of stuff for another entry, but you know, things take time and I never know quite what I'm doing. Talking of which, I'm hoping to do a timetable of me so you can see what I get up to as well! Again, bare with me for that!
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On dancing, part 2

Hokay. So, directly linked to this, more dance stuffs.

I was poking around on the tanzschule website and found pictures of the instructors. What can I say... Collapse )

So yes, those are they. I've also been trying to remember some of the tracks I danced to yesterday. I know I did Cha Cha Cha to Poker Face by Lady Gaga and I think we did Waltz to an instrumental version of Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis (totally awesome track if you don't know it). I don't remember what else we did in class though. The Tango and Quickstep music have completely disappeared from my head.
However, I know that I danced both of those in my private class before, though Thomas kept putting on different bits of music for the private class. The ones he played with the quickstep kept being faster pieces, which is good to see how the same steps fit but can be done faster or slower. However, the one piece that does stick in my head is this: Spotify or video. It's For My Wedding by Don Henley. I know it was this song but I can't remember what I danced to it! All I remember is that I danced to it, and I danced to it in my private lesson. I admit I was kinda going O_o when I realised what the song was about etc and that I was dancing to it with someone I'd literally met a few minutes earlier, especially as Ballroom hold is very... close... but it is a lovely song and I can't stop listening to it now!

Oh, on a slightly different note, while I remember, one of the Austrian blokes I had been dancing with had overheard me talking English, probably in the break when I was talking to Bernard and asked me about it afterwards. He said: 'Are you American?' I was all *fail* and just said, after frowning, 'No, I'm British'. I know his English sucked but still, there is a reason why English is called English... Anyway, I do not sound American. Major fail all round.