January 30th, 2010

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Saturday morning fun

or, another insight into the F1 teams for 2010...

So this morning I was mooching about online and clicked the wrong link to something. It brought me to a site I wouldn't have normally gone on, but as I was there, I thought 'what the hell' and poked around a bit. The site it took me to was a Tarot site. Now, I should explain now that I don't do horoscopes or tarot. Occasionally I read my horoscope just for a laugh and thought, well, it can't hurt to see what this tarot compatibility thing is, so I decided to have some fun. At first I typed in ones that related to me and then I was wondering whether I really should have been doing this...
So I asked a few people what they thought. zeraparker said it wasn't wrong and most of us have done it at least once, just randomly, for the hell of it. As such, we continued to have a joke and messed around on the site, typing in other random things... Then zeraparker decided to type in some drivers names. The results that we came up with were... well... lets just say that she then went through and looked at all of the confirmed driver pairings for 2010.

So... are you interested? Do you want to know what it said? Only for fun, obviously.

First up, Ferrari...Collapse )

So, what do you think? Did you have a laugh? Did you cringe? Did you agree? Do you want to try more yourself? If the latter is yes, click here

By the way, in case you were wondering, I was the magician.