March 20th, 2010

gandalf sign

Six Nations was won by... Germany

Just in case you were wondering, Germany won the six nations. They beat Spain. That's right, isn't it @Patchworkwounds?

RT @Patchworkwords: @ladyofsalzburg shame! They played really well, especially against the swiss last week < oh the Spain v Swiss match - fab!

RT @Patchworkwords: @ladyofsalzburg 42-38 to Spain < was a hard match against the swiss!

RT @Patchworkwords: @ladyofsalzburg everyone should be ashamed they missed the Denmark vs Germany game < oh that was an excellent match!

RT @Patchworkwords: @ladyofsalzburg It was close all the way through but germany edged out in the end < it was a nailbiter alright

RT @Patchworkwords: @ladyofsalzburg a final try in overtime! < it really did go down to the line, didnt it

RT @Patchworkwords: @ladyofsalzburg it really did. Probably the most dramatic game of the championship < definitely

RT @Patchworkwords: @ladyofsalzburg some of them have been down right dull, remember Sweden vs Switzerland? < all the s's...all the z's...

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