May 25th, 2011

blackadder: brain gone

Exam Invigilators Reign of Terror

I am fed up with some of my colleagues. I'm exam invigilating again but in a different school to last time and quite frankly I miss the other school and the people in it.
There are a handful of older really snooty bossy women invigilating in this school. I am fed up with them treating me like an idiot.
Yesterday I invigilated in the gym and the senior invigilator went on a big thing at me about how it works, what I have to do yada yada yada, forgetting that not only had I observed an exam in the gym before, I'd worked in learning express doing one to one exams (scribing and or reading) and I've invigilated elsewhere before. Not to mention the fact that I am by far the youngest person here so I can actually remember how the system works. Only thing was she ended up telling me things I knew and that were common sense but didn't tell me things I didn't know but then complained at me when I didn't do something I didn't know I was supposed to do!
I honestly do not know who she thinks I am. And as for the other women in that exam... Gah. One of them I'd had a run in with before when I tried dropping some exam papers off only to be told by her that I'd got it wrong and I should have done x with them first yet I did exactly what I was told by my venue's senior invigilator! This is also the woman who thinks I can't remember a simple rule: if they have a phone or notes etc get them to put it in a plastic bag and write their seat number on it. No apparently I'm going to arse that up so I need you to stand by me and make me look incompetent in front of 150 students! Yes I can really see how that's going to give them confidence in their invigilators...
The other woman in there yesterday broke one of the cardinal rules of invigilators: wear soft shoes. No. She wore heels. And its not like she hasn't invigilated before or didn't know she was going in to do it yesterday! In order to keep her clacky heels quiet she tiptoed between the rows but at the front she walked normally... It was driving me up the wall and I wasn't taking an exam! Jeez!

I think the thing that bugged me most about yesterday was when the senior invigilator told me that I can't help the students with their exam. Like duh. There are 150 kids in here, you just make sure they have the best environment to do their exam in. Even in learning express where you're reading or scribing for a student you can't help, and that's really hard not to do! You're working one to one and you can see they've not answered half the question... You can't do that in a big exam anyway. If I can handle learning express I think I know what I can and can't do as an invigilator in a bigger exam, despite the fact that I've done it before.
Talking of which I was given a bit of 'training' yesterday. I don't know why. Only the senior invigilators get to start and stop exams so I don't know why she made me stop the extra timers. I'll never do it again while I'm here. All the senior invigilators are old and they refuse to train younger or newer ones to do things by themselves so they won't know what to do with things if one of the senior ones is unable to work... As for checking off the scripts... The exam officer will have a fun job doing that by herself if all the senior invigilators leave. I've done it before and it's best done in pairs but not here. Here snooty blonde lady does it by herself and requires no help whatsoever. Bear in mind that this is the person who told me I needed to get SEN scripts signed first when they get collated and signed later...

I'll stop before I get even more annoyed with them... Grr!