July 13th, 2011

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Welcome to New Twitter

Two years ago I created my Twitter Help Sheet http://ladyofsalzburg.livejournal.com/201163.html. Since then it's had rave reviews from people and has been retweeted many times. However, it is now gravely out of date. The invention of 'New Twitter' has meant many basic things have changed and as such I now have a new and up to date help sheet.

As before I shall attempt to address a few questions before launching into this new help sheet which not only covers New Twitter but also how to get started on Twitter, right from the very beginning, actually creating a new account. I intend on tackling the question of apps and other Twitter platforms later. This helpsheet will only be for the web. On my main account I currently use old Twitter on the web but I use Twitter for Blackberry and Twhirl by Seesmic more frequently than the web version.

As before I would like to state that this help sheet has been designed and created wholly by me. It is not endorsed by Twitter in any way. However, if you like the help sheet and find it useful please comment at the bottom. Anonymous comments will be screened so do not worry if you can't see your comment after you've posted it.


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