October 28th, 2011

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There's something odd about best friends. What is it that makes them stand out from other friends? What is it that means they become your best friend, the person you turn to first, regardless of what's happening?
I can't quite put my finger on it.

Instead, I thought about what my best friend has done for me.
Why she's the one I stay up talking to until ridiculous o'clock rather than going to sleep like a normal person.
Why she's the one I've stayed up all night talking to.
Why she's the one I want to talk to first, about anything.
Why I would happily spend all day talking to her and lament the times I'm not.
Why she's the one I worry about even though she tells me not to because it's fine.
Why she's the one who can always seem to ground me, even when I go completely crazy.
Why she's the one who isn't afraid to tell me I'm wrong and who'll argue her point but still be able to see both sides of the argument.

She's the one who knows everything about me and yet still likes me.
She's the one who puts others first.
She's the one who sends me back to bed when I get woken up by my phone buzzing, again, at ridiculous o'clock.
She's the one who never believes me when I say nice things about her.
She's the one who I haven't known that long but it feels like I've known her forever.
She's the one who always struggles on alone.
She's the one I won't let struggle on alone.

She's been there through good and bad times. She's spent time on the phone with me while I cried. She makes me laugh and sometimes even makes me cry, yet she always feels bad about that even if its in a good way or it's something I needed to do.

So, best friend. Thank you.
I only hope I can do the same for you.

And remember: you are special and you are loved.