November 6th, 2011

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For the first time in two years I name and shame

Two years ago today I was sexually assaulted by a delivery man... In the hallway of the house I was staying in in Vienna.  

For the first time in two years I name and shame you Erhan Orhan.  DPD delivery driver.

The police here told me it would get easier, and it does.  It has.  But that doesn't mean I will ever forget it and it rears its ugly head at times when I least expect it.

The strange thing is that when I look back now I wonder why I didn't do various things... but when it actually happens, you don't think.  Your mind goes blank.  How it didn't end up as rape I still do not know and don't wish to entertain.  

It wasn't even like I was 'asking for it'.  I had jeans and a jumper on and it was 12 o'clock.  The whole thing had finished by 12.15pm... Whoever said that revealing clothing and alcohol fueled things?

Please do me a favour: don't joke about rape or assault. Don't imply that people were asking for it, ever. 

I don't mind talking about my incident if it helps others deal with theirs or come forward when it's happened but it still makes me shaky remembering it all, so if you just want details, don't ask.  I've been on the radio to talk about this with the only presenter I'd let interview me about it.  Maybe one time I will transcribe it.

I apologise if you didn't know but I didn't feel like broadcasting this at the time.