January 25th, 2012

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Astrology, it's not all rubbish, is it?

So many people say that horoscopes and astrology are a load of rubbish but I'm not sure they are... For example I read the personality traits of my sign and they have me mostly down to a T! I didn't even realise I do some of those things until I read it!
Maybe there is something there after all...

To demonstrate...
'Leos have a reputation for being charismatic, creative and confident. But scratch beneath the surface and you're far from sure. You can undermine yourself with secret worries that, when push comes to shove, you may not be up to much. Just as a match doesn't ignite until it strikes a hard surface, you will only find out what you're made of when you're up against a challenge. And some of your most significant challenges come through relationships.'

'Facing the harsh reality of other people can give you some tough jolts. Being so absorbed in your own affairs, you often lack the antennae needed for detecting other peoples feelings. So you can quite unwittingly ignore their needs and tread on their toes. You're mortified when it's pointed out to you, because it dents the vision of yourself as good and kind and noble.
You take it for granted that what you are, do, think and say are the most important things in the world. And so they are and should be - in your world. The trouble is, you tend to see other people as an extension of yourself. That they are actually unique individuals who don't always see eye to eye with you can come as a very unpleasant surprise. It's when you come to terms with these facts that your great capacity for love comes into its own.'

'You need love and attention like other people need food. It's important to have people around you who will pamper and spoil you, otherwise you'll wilt. You're a natural born dramatist with a flair for self promotion, so you have the knack of attracting an audience down to a fine art. But it's only those people who adore you unstintingly and genuinely for what's behind all the razzmatazz who will help you to love yourself.'

'You're no Cinderella, waiting around on the sidelines for the dashing prince to come to your rescue. YOU are the prince or princess, and YOU are the one who does the redeeming. You're capable of making great sacrifices for those you care about. You love to be needed, so you'll happily extend a helping hand to anyone in trouble, making their problems your problems. And since you're an excellent organiser, and extremely liberal with your advice, you generally do a great job of sorting them out. But, needless to say, you do like to be thanked.'

So very familiar... I might do part 2 later, no time for now...

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