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Hokay, so it's 1000km of Spa this weekend. Peugeot are running two cars which is being used as a practice for Le Mans 24 Hours in June (as is every endurance race). This one has a max of 6 hours though, so it's not too long. Anyway, before I end up getting something messed up, the teams:

Peugeot Total
Peugeot 908 HDi FAP #7 - Christian Klien / Nicolas Minassian / Simon Pagenaud
Peugeot 908 HDi FAP #9 - David Brabham / Marc Gene / Alexander Wurz

Just listened to Free Practice 1 (on Radio Le Mans) which has been slightly messed up by the rain, so all the times are a bit confusing. Took me ages to find a timing screen for it, so thanks to Jens on Facebook for finding a timing link! I also may be well on the way to getting RSI from pressing F5 so much on the timing screen because this one doesn't update itself. I hope that the LMS timing screen will work for the race (and will update it all!)
I'm not fantastically happy that the 9 car is ahead of the 7 car, but I'm even less happy that there are other cars splitting them up. I'm really hoping that it's just the rain that's messed this up, but I don't know yet. Why do we have to have Pagenaud instead of Sarrazin?

However, they have had some great comments on Radio Le Mans during the coverage.
"I'll tell you what is horrid, squeezing 51 cars into the F1 pitlane"
"We only have the CCTV and the timing screens"

Talking of which, I only get 1.5hrs of coverage live on Eurosport on Sunday, which I'm sooo not impressed with. The guys have mentioned that you could watch online which I've looked into. £4 for a months subscription seems alright, but I can't get the test video to work properly, it keeps staying green, despite doing what they've suggested, so I'm not au fait with it all and am thus reluctant to do anything. I can see a weekend ahead where I am glued to Radio Le Mans and the timing screens (or any other websites I can find that stream it online!)

So, before I forget Free Practice 1
So yeah. Apparently a lot of the guys are testing things for Le Mans here, so they're not even using Spa setups.

Before I finish on this (and maybe write up my Spa schedule, I'd like to share some nationality revelations with you.
According to these guys on their timing, David Brabham is British, Simon Pagenaud is German and Christian Klien is French. Now getting the latter two wrong is more understandable, because they could have accidentally put the wrong flag against the name in the team. However, there is no German driver in the 7 Car, there are 2 French and 1 Austrian. Likewise, in the 9 Car, Brabham is Australian, not British.
Amused me, in a strange way, for some reason. Duno why.
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