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*power hungry*

OOOOOO all the power!! Mwhahaah

I just had an email through about the School Board, asking if I wanted to be on it again.  I wasn't sure whether I was on it again but I had received School Board emails when I didn't last year, and I was definitely on it then!

Now I have - Music Student Panel, Music Course Committee, Equal Opportunities Committee and School Board meetings I can go to :)

The School Board only meets 3 times a year, and its with the Dean of the school, which is fun.  Tim never seems to be angry and always has impeccable suits...

Im the chair of the music student panel as well, so thats so much power heehee.  I shall revolutionise Uni! hahahah

Just told Moa about this on MSN - 
Moa: a dictator in makin then
Me: hahaha
Moa: or poss the next FIA boss:P
Me: mmm nice....
Me: crap did i just say that out loud?

Well you never know....

Tags: equal opportunities committee, school board, student panel, uni

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