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Does anyone know...

Does anyone know why they alter the F1 schedule for Monaco? I know some people have mentioned it's for a public holiday but it's here that I get really confused. Several people have said that they don't race on a friday because it's a public holiday. Only thing is, they don't have a holiday today.

I did a bit of research earlier and found all of Monaco's public holidays. For 2009 they are:
1 Jan New Year's Day.
27 Jan Saint-Devote's Day.
13 Apr Easter Monday.
1 May Labour Day.
21 May Ascension.
1 Jun Whit Monday.
11 Jun Corpus Christi.
15 Aug Assumption.
1 Nov All Saints' Day.
19 Nov Monaco National Day.
8 Dec Immaculate Conception.
25 Dec Christmas Day.

Yesterday was Ascension Day. They celebrate Ascension in Monaco. However, if yesterday was the day they celebrate, why move racing from a normal day to a holiday, unless there's a specific reason (which I don't know).
Before anyone tries telling me that I'm wrong and Ascension Day wasn't yesterday, I know for a fact that it was yesterday because I was with people who were going to sing in the Ascension Day services last night. Also, Ascension is 40 days after Easter, which means that it's always going to fall on a Thursday.

So, why did they alter the usual schedule for Monaco? Why do they have practice on a Thursday instead of a Friday? It's been bugging me all day so I'd just quite like to know now!
Tags: f1, holiday, monaco

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