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Le Mans

Not a full update so far - I'm trying my best to tweet during practice for the moment (in general, because there's no running at this precise moment) and to keep the Radio Le Mans fan page on Facebook up to date, but a better update should come after Qualifying this evening.

However, what I did want to say is that I've been talking with Guy Smith a lot and I've just informed him that according to the entry list, he's starting for his team. This is amusing because he wasn't entirely sure himself! I'm not 100% sure whether the entry list stars mean that they're starting the Qualifying sessions tonight (each driver has to do 3 laps of dark running [official dark running is 10pm-midnight] in Qualifying) or starting the race.
Guy said he thought he would probably start [the race], but he didn't know that they'd decided to put a star next to his name on the entry list! All I can say is that now he does.

Last night there was a 6 hour practice session at Le Mans. It was mostly a wet session so times were a little muddled - if you didn't get a quick time in at the beginning in the dry, then you ended up behind but trying out wet strategies.
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