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Le Mans

You can tell I'm totally hooked on Le Mans - I've not been updating, I've only been tweeting Le Mans or endurance based things, I've been updating the Radio Le Mans fan page on Facebook and I just tried to get onto live journal by typing www.lemans before realising that was completely the wrong address.

We're currently nearly 8hours into the race and it's been, in a word, chaotic. The Peugeot 7 car hit the 17 Pescarolo, in the pit lane. It wasn't until the 7 car left the pit lane that they realised it had a puncture. Pedro had to drive a full 8 mile/12km lap to get back to the pits. Only problem with this is that it started ripping bits of bodywork off the car. This left a hole in the bodywork and required serious work in the garage.


The guys managed to fix it in 24 minutes (which is amazing) but left the car down in p51 from p2. Nic, Pedro and Christian have been working hard to get the car up the times and it's now running in p11 overall. They keep having the fastest lap or being the fastest car on track (if not breaking the fastest lap of the race) it's just a shame they're still a couple of laps down, but there are still 16hours left so anything can happen.

Eurosport made my day by talking to Christian in the commentary box. It was quite funny when they then quoted him afterwards, in a very dodgy accent, saying 'we have nothing to lose' as Nic set the fastest time of the race.
Tags: christian, le mans, peugeot

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