Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

Le Mans

I have again survived Le Mans, yay. Currently I have been awake for 32 hours and while I may have been really struggling with it earlier, I feel quite bright and bouncy at the moment. This is partly to do with food, being awake and the fact that Peugeot won. Yes, incase you didn't get that, Peugeot won. Peugeot won!
I for one am rather chuffed about this as I am a Peugeot fan (various reasons) and it's so very cool that they knocked Audi off their winning streak - Audi have won 9/10years they've been doing Le Mans.

This 77th 24 Heures du Mans was a good race, but it just wasn't Audi's day. Peugeot fought hard, and had really worked on things that hadn't worked so well last year. The 9 car of David Brabham, Marc Gene and Alex Wurz won with the 8 car of Sebastien Bourdais, Stephane Sarrazin and Franck Montagny coming second. The 7 car of Christian Klien, Pedro Lamy and Nic Minassian came 6th overall, which is impressive because it was plagued with problems and ended up dropping to 51st place overall in the first hour, so even that deserves some recognition!

Full report and pictures to come soon, I hope, but for now, because I'm just rather bouncy: Peugeot won!!
Tags: christian, le mans, peugeot

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