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Le Mans videos

I know I've not done my Le Mans writeup yet (haven't had huge amounts of time to fully go picture hunting yet), but here are a couple of videos of incidents of Le Mans 09.

Firstly here is the pit lane collision between Peugeot 7 and a Pescarolo Peugeot.

Secondly, and I'm not sure I should be sharing this, because we didn't see it live, Benoit Treluyer's massive crash. This is a fan video taken from the Circuit de La Sarthe, not shown on Eurosport because they didn't have live footage of it, we just saw the aftermath, which was scary enough.
Before you watch, I can confirm that Benoit Treluyer was fine. They couldn't get him out of the car to start with, but they got him out, and he was talking to the medical personnel there. They took him to the medical centre to get checked out where they concluded that he had no injuries but that he may have suffered a concussion (and was possibly unconscious for a short while to start with) so was kept in for observation. I should imagine that he was somewhat bruised and achey after it though.

Lucas Luhr's incident

Seiji Ara's incident near the end

On a happy note, the end of the race and the Peugeot win :)
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