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FAQ for Felipe Massa Get Well Card

Just to clear up a few queries related to the Felipe Massa Get Well Card:

We all want Felipe to be well quickly, but what if he's better before the card gets to him?
Well, should this happen, it will still be sent off, but will include a note that explains why it's taken so long. It's taking a lot to set up and a lot of people want to be involved, so it's not surprising that it's going to take a while for things to be sorted. Nevertheless, Felipe will still know that there have been people out there thinking about him.

What's this address to post things to then?
I don't have the PO Box address for you yet. I'm currently waiting for my proof of address to come through so I can send off the application form for the PO Box, which will take a couple of weeks to set up. By putting the word out now, you can get your things sorted and then post off when the address is set up. I will put the address out as soon as I know it.

Do I have to post it?
Yes please. There are lots of people trying to send electronic wishes to Felipe, and I wanted to do something a little different. Emails can be so impersonal, so this is your chance to be creative. The other problem with emailing, for something like this, is that it will cost me a lot in printing. It's costing me a fair amount to set up the PO Box but it's safer than giving out my home address!
There are a couple of exceptions, but please ask me about this! One person I know has problems with their postal system, which I know from experience, because it took 4 months for
my Christmas card to reach them! Obviously for this, they will be allowed to email.

Will it actually end up as a card?
It really depends on what I get sent. Obviously the original idea was for it to be a card, but should I get lots of people sending things through, it may change. For example, it may end up as a Get Well book, but I will have to address the issue when it arises. If you're around, you may well be asked for advice when I get the things through.

Who can contribute to the Get Well Card?
Anyone. If you would like to contribute, you can do. Even if you don't follow F1 but heard about Felipe's accident on the news, and want to put a note in saying that you heard about it and were concerned (I have one request of this from a friend of mine), that's fine too. You don't have to be a Felipe or Ferrari fan just to contribute. It's your choice.

So what do I do now?
Put your thinking cap on and get working on whatever you'd like to send to Felipe. It can be almost anything - pictures, messages, poems, drawings, doodles, stickers etc the list goes on. I know someone who is even making something for it! The choice is yours - let out your creative side!
When I know the PO Box address to send things to, I'll let you know and you can post things off, but as it's going to be a couple of weeks, minimum, until I get this, it gives you some time to get working on what you want to send :)

Is there anything special you'd like me to do?
Can you please put your name and location on whatever you send, or on a note with whatever you send, just so I can include it later to show where support has come from. If you are only known under a certain name, you may use that, but if appropriate please put where it's from. For example, if any of the FakeF1 drivers from Twitter wish to remain as FakeF1 drivers, could they please put their Twitter screenname and a note saying they're from Twitter (unless they want to out themselves and add their real names too, or just go under real names - you could be anyone!).

Any more queries, please ask on here in comments. Thank you!

Finally, thank you for the support given so far. It's great to see the http://tinyurl.com/massacard link out in so many different places! Keep sharing the link and getting the word out there about this. As soon as I get the PO Box address for it, I will pass it on.

Original info for the card


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Jul. 30th, 2009 05:07 pm (UTC)
I was going to suggest a scrapbook, actually - if you end up getting a load of bits that are different shapes and sizes, it might be a tidier option to stick them all in a large (A3, maybe?) scrapbook. Just throwing it out there.

With regards to Felipe's health by the time it's sent off, at the moment I'm imagining him in the pits at Valencia with a bandage around his head, clinging onto his car's air intake. "For shure I am ready! It's my car! Noooooo..."
Jul. 30th, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
Well it really depends on quite what I can get through, and what I can get my hands on and make look pretty :) There are books that look similar yet slightly classier than lots of scrapbooks, but I shall peruse the shops and see if I can push my out of date student card any further XD

That is an amusing image, and yet strangely... normal, if that makes any sense. Normal isn't the word I mean but I cannot think of the correct word at all!
Jul. 30th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Heh, yeah - maybe a nice posh one from Paperchase. ;)

It sort of makes sense, doesn't it? :D And Rob'll be telling him to stay cool.
Jul. 30th, 2009 06:39 pm (UTC)
I think Paperchase is a little out of my pricerange (that, and the fact that being the stationary geek I am, I would bankrupt myself in there), but you can get other things elsewhere, so I will have a poke around when I get some stuff through.

Yup :) I have Rob telling Felipe Baby to stay cool on my phone. Always makes me smile when I hear it.
Jul. 31st, 2009 11:52 am (UTC)
Ha, funnily enough I've got Rob saying "Yeah nice one, how's that? Bangin'." as my phone's message alert. Also got his panicked OMG STOP WRONG TYRES message from Germany as a warning sound on my laptop. Certainly makes me stop, I tell you.
Jul. 31st, 2009 11:56 am (UTC)
Felipe baby isn't anything yet, just there for fun :)

I haven't heard the wrong tyres one yet - I have yet to watch the coverage of it and live circuit commentary doesn't give team radio :(
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