Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

'... after last night's debacle...' cont. pt3

I'm starting to think that maybe some of this is getting a little out of hand (and yet it's still strangely amusing and embarassing)

FakeJarnoTrulli Looks like @Fizzy001 has pulled @fakef1_trainer! Nice one! :P

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli Looking good, man. & wise of you to leave the shades on, after that whisky session, I think we were all a little hammered.

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli She's a lovely girl and I see @fakeliuzzi is sniffing around!

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakef1_trainer yes, I noticed him too...

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli If he over steps the mark he'll leave me with no option... the man is a pest.

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer what you going to do to him if he oversteps the mark then? So far it seems he'll go for anyone...

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg If he continues to disrespect the ladies here then I'll make use of my superior strength & fitness and do whatever it takes.

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer ok. You have my permission to do what you want then!

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg and I shall help save the princess! Oops, sorry, thought we were talking about Mario.

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg Your permission? If he's hurt or insulted you in any way, I'll do it willingly. Do you need me to get you a ClearBlue kit?

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer considering the fact that I still don't entirely know what went on at the German GP... I don't know what he's done

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli but who's the princess :P

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I suppose it would be you! Does that make @fakeliuzzi Bowser?

ladyofsalzburgRT @FakeJarnoTrulli: @ladyofsalzburg I suppose it would be you! Does that make @fakeliuzzi Bowser? < aww and LOL!!

starla37 @ladyofsalzburg awww you see now you don't need to worry about @fakeliuzzi as @FakeJarnoTrulli will protect you - how sweet ha ha

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 ah yes, that's true. I'd not thought of that. What would I do without you, @FakeJarnoTrulli
Tags: funny, random, twitter

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