Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

'... after last night's debacle...' cont. pt5

The continuing shenanigans...

Part 4 finished with: ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer well it's the evening... @Fizzy001 hasn't been abducted by @fakeliuzzi has she?

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg I fear the worst.

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg She has and she loves it! She is now doing some dirty dancing for me then we will do it all week long!!

starla37 RT @fakeliuzzi: @ladyofsalzburg She has and she loves it! She is now doing some dirty dancing for me then we will do it all week long!! < :S

fakeliuzzi@starla37 me and @Fizzy001 will have sex all week long!

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 @Fizzy001 not me!

starla37@ladyofsalzburg not you what?? *is confused*

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 the tweet you RT'd but were confused about

starla37@ladyofsalzburg ah ok lol - yeah I kinda assumed it wasn't you...honestly who would??

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 who would what?

ladyofsalzburgPiece by piece it comes together. @fakeChrisHorner I know how I got into the paddock now! @fakeklien invited me in!

starla37@ladyofsalzburg do the dirty dancing et al with @fakeliuzzi - at least I think that's what I meant *is now way too confused*

fakeChrisHorner@ladyofsalzburg oh right, isnt he friends with @fakeliuzzi ? mabye he was in on it.

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 hhaha no! I think it's that and more... *concerned*

starla37@ladyofsalzburg yeah I've deliberately been ignoring that - is way too scarring!!

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 it really is!

ladyofsalzburg@fakeChrisHorner he is... but I don't think so. Should check anyway though. @fakeklien did you plan all this with @fakeliuzzi?

fakeklien@ladyofsalzburg Scheiβe! Nein!

ladyofsalzburg@fakeklien okay then! I believe you!

fakeliuzzi 5 minute break, @Fizzy001 is an animal! :P well back too it!!

ladyofsalzburg RT @fakeliuzzi: 5 minute break, @Fizzy001 is an animal! :P well back too it!! < TMI!

starla37@ladyofsalzburg hehe well said!

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 so true though!

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg I tried to warn all of you lovely ladies about @fakeliuzzi ... I knew something like this would happen.

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer I know you did. @Fizzy001 seemed to want it though...

fakeChrisHorner Hey, sorry about my anger earlier, I was stressed about the lack of engines and our best chance to win the championship slipping away!

ladyofsalzburg@fakeChrisHorner did the tea help then?

fakeChrisHorner@ladyofsalzburg Yes :D it never fails.

ladyofsalzburg@fakeChrisHorner good good. Can never go wrong with a good cuppa

fakeChrisHorner@ladyofsalzburg True

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg Not to mention the calming affects of a good breathing technique.

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer any breathing technique in particular...? Not trying to hint at something are you?
Tags: funny, random, twitter

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