Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

'... after last night's debacle...' cont. pt8

More revelations

FakeJarnoTrulli Has anyone came up with 'Titter' as a Twitter alternative yet?

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli surely that's a @fakeliuzzi special...

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg maybe... It certainly does remind me of...... Things.


ladyofsalzburgRT @loveberlinxo: @ladyofsalzburg I JUST REALIZED YOU'RE REASON LIUZZI IS MARRIED NOW

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg or as Russell Howard calls them, tattybojangles.

loveberlinxo@ladyofsalzburg Seriously!

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli Are you feeling erm... ok?? Seems you have *something* on your mind hehe..... talking to @fakeliuzzi too much??

FakeJarnoTrulli@starla37 I just happen to take pleasure in saying 'tattybojangles'.

ladyofsalzburg@loveberlinxo how did that happen?

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli ah and so you should lol

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli I see the wine's kicked in, definitely not hitting the whisky tonight.

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakef1_trainer oh god yes, didn't cure the headache though.

ladyofsalzburg RT @loveberlinxo: @ladyofsalzburg I JUST REALIZED YOU'RE REASON LIUZZI IS MARRIED NOW < how did that happen?

starla37@ladyofsalzburg so not only are you with child but now you're married for real?? lol

loveberlinxo@ladyofsalzburg You tell me!

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 news to me

ladyofsalzburg@loveberlinxo but I don't know! Apparently this is more time that I do not remember.... Who did what to me?!

RobFerrari@fakef1_trainer I hit the whiskey hard, don't be too angry, I need to get fit properly lol. At least I'm still faster than @fakebadoer...

ladyofsalzburg Bedtime. It's late and I don't feel 100%. Goodnight.

starla37@ladyofsalzburg Nighty night x Hope you feel ok in the morning :)

fakef1_trainer RT LIUZZI IS MARRIED NOW ?? Not a hope! Get ready to see some genuine pace from him for the first time. He's dust.

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli Who said it was a cure? At least you forgot how bad you felt before.

fakef1_trainer@RobFerrari whisky=bad I should know after last night. Double your workout tomorrow, yes it'll hurt like hell but that's when it feels good

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg @starla37 Goodnight, ladies.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer I'M NOT! Just get(little)burned ! Was flirting with ya but you don't understand! :/ unconscious is one of the oldest tricks!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 As long as you're ok, it's just I know what a pest @fakeliuzzi is. And the flirting... you can carry on with that. ;)

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 And don't think finding a lady is "unconscious" would concern @fakeliuzzi ... as long as there's a pulse.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer good to know! ;) I've a surprise... Tell you more 'bout that later! ;)

ladyofsalzburg RT @LisiSilveira: **..**If it were truly the thought that counted, more women would be pregnant.**..** < LOL

LisiSilveira RT @ladyofsalzburg RT @LisiSilveira: **If it were truly the thought that counted, more women would be pregnant.**.. < LOL <--So true LOL

ladyofsalzburg Also, morning all :)

samppa89@ladyofsalzburg good morning :)

ladyofsalzburg@samppa89 how are you today?

samppa89@ladyofsalzburg I'm good, a bit bored and tired at the moment but looking forwards to tonight ;D How's you?

ladyofsalzburg@samppa89 lol I'm alright, I think... hopefully will be better once ive eaten something

samppa89@ladyofsalzburg aww well I really hope so too! *hugs*

ladyofsalzburg@samppa89 I just feel a bit ill which is not good considering what else has been going on on here recently haah

nightowll72@ladyofsalzburg hello and how are you

ladyofsalzburg@nightowll72 feeling slightly sick and you

samppa89@ladyofsalzburg haha I know what you mean xD Hope you'll feel fine soon!

ladyofsalzburg@samppa89 thanks! Ive got some fruit tea now, so hoping that might help. Though, whats been happening is rather funny... haahaha

samppa89@ladyofsalzburg haha well I can't deny it hasn't lol!!

ladyofsalzburg Have opted for Blackberry and Nettle tea this morning. Hope it makes me feel better

fakeklien@fakef1_trainer @fakeliuzzi is married?! Since when?! He didn't tell me

fakeliuzzi@fakeklien I'm not married! I do have a girl friend but if any other girls ask i'm single ;)

fakeklien@fakeliuzzi Oh really...

ladyofsalzburg RT @fakeliuzzi: @fakeklien I'm not married! I do have a girl friend but if any other girls ask i'm single ;) < :-O
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