Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

'... after last night's debacle...' cont. pt11

1. a general breakup or dispersion; sudden downfall or rout: The revolution ended in a debacle.
2. a complete collapse or failure.

2. disaster, ruin, fiasco, catastrophe, calamity.


This part all took part over about 5 hours yesterday evening. I think I actually died several times throughout it. There are a couple of early things missing in this part, and there have probably been a few between this part and the last part that have gone astray, but nevertheless, you get the main idea

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer you didn't call me - or didn't you come through because the line was busy all the time?!?

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Aww, sorry sweetness... very busy earlier. Are you safely at home now?

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer I am, thx for asking. Wanna join me?

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 If you can wait for me, I'll be around later if you're staying in

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer of course! I have a free day 2morrow! I can pass the night waking ;)

fakef1_trainer Then I'll be there as soon as I can.... do you still have that blanket round you?

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer of course I started to be cold again... Shitty weather!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 I'm on my way, you just stop there and keep warm. Then we'll see about that hot chocolate?

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Of course I try to keep warm - I need the sun :/ I need a hot chocolate! Except you try to keep me warm! ;)

Fizzy001 isn't this looking nice?

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Right there with you... if only we were on a beach somewhere.

Fizzy001 I still cannot believe it! XD

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg They say hello to you too! They seem particularly fond of you, for some reason.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Absolutely right! :) *dreamin'*

starla37@Fizzy001 Aww he looks sweet in red, yay for Fisi :)

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Really happy for the little guy... he's beaming there.

FakeJarnoTrulli I found this picture, I thought some of the ladies here might like it, especially @starla37!

Fizzy001@starla37 yes - my baby is driving a Ferrari!! Wow, he looks really sweet, I'm speechless!! ;D

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Hope it was ok but I brought you a bottle of something "fizzy" to celebrate... ;)

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 I'll still have him at the first corner.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer he really is - *dreamin' dreamin' dreamin'*

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli Hehe - actually that is one of my all-time faves *swoons* Very sexy xDD

starla37@Fizzy001 You know I'm so happy for him and yes he looks so freakin' adorable there <3

FakeJarnoTrulli@starla37 I knew you would like! Thank you very much.

fakef1_trainer@fakeRobSmedley looks happier already

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Oh, how sweet! Thx, I'm already getting tipsy - hope you don't mind - let's have a blast!!

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli lol I am a bit predictable...and thank you for posing for that piccie!!

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli NOOOOOO you don't! Cheers!

Fizzy001 who's the best?!? Look at the pic!! ;)

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 Thanks Baby!

ladyofsalzburg Going to have to go find a jumper I think. I'm cold

jayegan@ladyofsalzburg I had to put a jumper on. It sucks

starla37@ladyofsalzburg you know what I was just thinking the same thing - it's bloody freezing!

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi you're welcome! Guess: P1 @fakefisichella, P2 @FakeJarnoTrulli and you P3 in Monza!!^^ *dreamin'*

fakefisichella@Fizzy001 so kind!

FakeJarnoTrulli See? Everyone thinking @fakefisichella has Ferrari drive. It's a cover-up so I can get in the car un-noticed!

Fizzy001@fakefisichella No, no, you're kind!! You're the best! Never let anyone tell you different! :)

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli ohh I like that!

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I make good tifosi material!

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli *cries* why can't you really be going to Ferrari next year with Alonso - would be awesome and you look soo good in red

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli oh yes, and you even have the red hat already!

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli Like it! Maybe that's how they picked the driver; whoever looked best in the car

FakeJarnoTrulli@starla37 I know, they make nice shiny cars... I want a FXX, not a Prius! I suppose we have to both stick with red of Toyota for now.

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 Would be cool all Italian podium, but me P1!!

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli Sry but I have to inject you with Haldol - don't worry I'll take good care of you and you'll be awake at Monza... maybe...

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli yeah I guess so *pouts* But you and Timo make a good team too :)

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 Haldol? Oh look what you have made me do, I'm having to Google things to keep up with you! Anyway, look at picture, is me in red.

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi FORGET IT!!!!

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli I've seen the pic...

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 Ok, but a man can dream!

fakeklien@ladyofsalzburg aww are you cold my dear?

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 I am not any of those things! And you like pic?

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi yeah, only dream...

ladyofsalzburg@fakeklien I am. Have had to find a jumper

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 I will win one day! Because I am Tonio!!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Excellent idea, you're very helpful... poor @FakeJarnoTrulli

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli I know - but it makes you fall asleep :p hmmm... well... it's ok - I prefer @fakefisichella

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi winning races or pulling women? Whats best for you?

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg Both Equally!

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi One day, yes - but only when @fakefisichella will retire - hope that day will NEVER come!

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg Anyway I don't need to pull women just throw themselves at me :P

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 I don't want to go to sleep.

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi ohh is that how it happens...

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 Thought he was retiring next year!?

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer don't worry I'll take good care of him! ;p Let's have another "fizzy" drink! Cheers!

FakeJarnoTrulli@starla37 Yes, Timo is a great guy and so are the Toyota mechanics. They are good team to work for

fakeliuzzi - @ladyofsalzburg Women throwing themselves at me!!

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi Do not hope so! That'll be the day I die!!!!!!!!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 What's that, sweetness, no love for my boss?

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi is that how it happened after the german gp then?

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg Oh yes!!

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi - You are a vile pest.

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 Ok But I will win soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli Don't ya like to fall asleep like Sleeping Beauty? Can choose Haldol-or a med which is 17 times stronger than Morphine! ;)

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi right ok. Just pieces to the puzzle, seeing as I don't remember

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg I'll let you put the pieces together.

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 I think we drank it all already.

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi but I can't. I don't have all the pieces yet because I have no recollection of that night

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 No, no, I am fine with sleeping naturally, feels good.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer don't worry I still have some left.. ;) Don't worry about your boss I'll send him to meet mine in the operation rooms!

ladyofsalzburg RT @tehroxie: sex meat! < righty ho then

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg The Pieces are there you just need to find them!

FakeJarnoTrulli@tehroxie Interesting proposition. Do explain.

tehroxie@FakeJarnoTrulli @ladyofsalzburg its from We Are Klang :) don't worry lol

ladyofsalzburg Anyone got any more pieces of info that I can put together to work out what happened after the German GP. @fakeliuzzi wont tell me any more

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Not the best thing to say to him after all those ops and more to come. Now.... where's that bottle.

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli XD ok, but I'll keep it as my secret weapon and if I notice that you're a danger for @fakefisichella I'm forced to use it!

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg It was the butler, in the library, with the revolver.

ladyofsalzburg@tehroxie I guessed as much, but it was screaming to be RTd

ladyofsalzburgRT @FakeJarnoTrulli: @ladyofsalzburg It was the butler, in the library, with the revolver. < for all I know, it could have been!

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 You can't catch me in my Toyota! I'll be doing about 200 mph by the end of the straight. Bet you can't run that fast!

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I'm sorry, I thought we were playing Cluedo.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Maybe... *give you a bottle*

fakeliuzzi@FakeJarnoTrulli Did you say butter? Cuz that might have been involved.

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli it would be easier playing Cluedo than playing @fakeliuzzi's games

starla37 RT @FakeJarnoTrulli: @ladyofsalzburg I'm sorry, I thought we were playing Cluedo << awww bless this made me laugh xDDD

fakeHulkenberg@ladyofsalzburg What, you forgot how you were running down the pitlane stalk naked to declare your undying love to an inflatable dolphin?

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakeliuzzi No I said butler. And I don't think I want to know how butter got involved with my fair @ladyofsalzburg!

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg You loved my games :P

zephyf1@starla37 lol me too XD

starla37 RT @fakeliuzzi: @FakeJarnoTrulli Did you say butter? Cuz that might have been involved. << Aaargh *reaches for brain bleach*

ladyofsalzburg@fakeHulkenberg wtf?!

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg @fakeDC showed me it once. It went downhill from there. We spent one Friday night at a rainy Silverstone playing it.

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli Don't worry I'll find a way.. ;p

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi if only I could remember them

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg you weren't there your not allowed in the paddock!

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 You're going to hitch a ride on @fakefisichella's new Ferrari, aren't you?

fakef1_trainer@starla37 I know, it was pretty vile... still you'd think @fakeliuzzi being Italian it would have been olive oil.

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli Cluedo is a great game. I won last time I played

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi You don't even know everywhere I am during the weekend. I am sneaky.

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg It take too long and I'm impatient. We almost missed Qualifying, we over-ran so much! And we started 8pm previous night!

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer Olive wasn't involved! Shes a good girl.

starla37@fakef1_trainer oh god olive oil is even worse is now scarred for life*

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli sounds like me playing Monopoly!

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg so you crawl in under the fence??

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg Oh God, don't mention that, it horrible. Another @fakeDC special.

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi No, I made copy of Bernie's master key, now I can go wherever I want.

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg Oh dear! He really shouldn't leave that lying around!

fakef1_trainer@fakeHulkenberg Been going through @fakeBernies's trousers?

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli it is horrible. I went to bed in the middle of the last game and still lost

fakeHulkenberg@fakef1_trainer Nope through his desk. Key was right next to @fakeflav 's old thongs and @fakemosley 's newest SM tape. *shudders*

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg you found any more pieces yet?

fakef1_trainer@fakeHulkenberg Where's that brain bleach?!

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg you give the thongs a good sniff?

fakeklien@starla37 you and me both, and I lived with @fakeliuzzi! Now I know what happened to the butter! Bad times, bad times!

fakemansell Well today has been good; I've introduced @rgrosjean to @fakegrosjean and taught @fakefisichella to moonwalk.

fakeHulkenberg@fakef1_trainer Sorry, used up all the brain bleach already. Just think of @fakejarnotrulli in his short grid girl skirt.

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi No, left it all for you!

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi nope

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg Its ok you dig in, I have better thongs to sniff!

fakef1_trainer - @fakeHulkenberg Did you see his favourite photo in his desk while you were there?

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg Well keep looking there there somewhere!

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer - ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! not really my thing!

fakeliuzzi@starla37 It will only get worse baby!

starla37 RT @fakef1_trainer: - @fakeHulkenberg Did you see his favourite photo in his desk while you were there? < NOOOOOOOO

Fizzy001 - @fakeHulkenberg better think of me in this outfit! ;p

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakef1_trainer Seriously, that's more of my old boss than I ever wanted to see.

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi @fakef1_trainer DO. NOT. WANT. Thanks for scarring me for life. *goes to hide at @fizzy001 's*

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I know what you mean. I never win at that and it takes forever!

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 SEXY

fakef1_trainer@starla37 Sorry about that... maybe now you understand what it's like being his private trainer. It's not all glamour.

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli it does. I ended up completely bankrupt in the last game

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Do you have that here?

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi Back off!

starla37 RT @FakeJarnoTrulli: @fakef1_trainer Seriously, that's more of my old boss than I ever wanted to see << I think we can all safely say that

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer NEVER!!!!!!!

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer @Fizzy001 Is mine

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi Not any more or ever again.

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer But only when I want her ;)

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer @fakeliuzzi can't just stick with one lady. He wants everyone

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer you like me to put it on and maybe doing some belly-dance?

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg Hmm... is how I end every game. I go out with a bang... as I hit the ground asleep.

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi That's not going to happen.

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer well @Fizzy001 will come back to me when she can't resist any more!

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi I'm NOT your's!!

fakeklien@starla37 sorry.

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg I do but I can have every one twice!

starla37@fakeklien aww no worries :)

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 You will be when the cravings set in

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli aww!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 You're going to look so hot in that... please do.

ladyofsalzburg RT @fakeliuzzi: @ladyofsalzburg I do but I can have every one twice! < and now Im a bit more worried!

fakeHulkenberg RT @Fizzy001 - @fakeHulkenberg better think of me in this outfit! >> Oh baby, you are ace! You're my Number 1!

ladyofsalzburg RT @fakeliuzzi: @Fizzy001 You will be when the cravings set in. < that does not sound good for you @Fizzy001

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi Now I see why you wear those ridiculous over sized hats, for your ego.

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi I can resist!! Just you and your hand! ;p

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg Now poker is more my thing. As @fakebernie said in F1 Racing magazine, us drivers are good, we beat him usually!

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer no its the mullet in there!

fakeHulkenberg RT @fakeliuzzi: @Fizzy001 You will be when the cravings set in. < She won't have cravings, she is mine now

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 I had Pink already!

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli nice one! I can't play poker. Someone tried teaching me but I can't remember how to play

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Sweet ;)

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg Thank you very much! B)

fakeliuzzi - See! Me and pink b4 we get it on!

ChelleC79@fakef1_trainer I think people should put up a health warning when tweeting that pic!

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli Oh really have you seen this < too funny methinks you should stick to driving and not poker!! ;)

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg The secret is to be the other kind of cheater, the one who doesn't get caught. For example, NEVER have 5 aces, that's obv.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer thx - only for you, honey! ;)

fakef1_trainer@fakeHulkenberg She's her own woman... not yours or anyone's. By the way she's a great dancer.

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli LMAO 5 aces?! who did that?

fakef1_trainer@ChelleC79 My apologies, but it's great for those dieting.

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer I know!!! Dirty dancing is her speciality!

fakeklien I feel sorry for everyone taken in by @fakeliuzzi's 'charms'

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I think it was @fakemaxmosley, you know. He's one aweful poker player!

fakeHulkenberg@fakef1_trainer True, @Fizzy001 is her own woman, but she is my number 1 grid girl

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli ah well. He's a known liar

fakeliuzzi@fakeklien I don't, they were lucky ;)

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi Did you hear what the lady said? Go find one of your sluts.

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I feel ashamed to ask this as a man, but I need your help. What does 'putin je comprends rien' mean? I think it's French.

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer Two are here already!

Fizzy001@fakeliuzzi I don't care what you did with Pink, listen to the text: JUST YOU AND YOUR HAND TONIGHT!!

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi I hope you're not referring to @Fizzy001 or @starla37

ChelleC79@fakef1_trainer True, it does induce one to regurgitate one's last meal

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 No! Just me and two of my sluts!

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer No but if they want to join its fine!

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli it is French, but it's only half a sentence. Putin is not a french word but je comprends rien means I know nothing, sort of

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer he's not - forget about that limp noodle and concentrate on my moves! ;)

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I see, thank you, my wise French expert!

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli that's ok. I only did french for 8 years. Might as well use it from time to time!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 You're right, I'm not paying you enough attention... I don't want to miss a moment of you.

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg It's been a long time since I was anywhere near school. Even then, I only did a couple of years of it before I escaped it

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli I dropped it after I failed it because I didnt enjoy it anymore. Ive spent too much time in schools! Was teaching last yr

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer aren't you two sweet

fakeHulkenbergGood night, my minions. Keep up the world domination... I mean F1 champion agenda we are working on.

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg Miss Fizzy is sweet enough for two.

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg Good night and sweet dreams!

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 Thanks. I shall dream of you and your sexy short skirt, that definitely is sweet. Kisses!

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg Night, try not to think of Flav in his thong!

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli "Putin" as in the Russian fellow? You do have a passing resemblance.

ChelleC79 You can't take me anywhere I'll strip down to my underwear of you give me half a chance... Is thia song about @fakeflav, or @fakeliuzzi?

fakef1_trainer@fakeHulkenberg Keep it to dreaming, kid.

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg :) *kiss kiss*

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Throw me one of those kisses?

fakef1_trainer@ChelleC79 It was for @fakeliuzzi, who is like a junior @fakeflav

fakeHulkenberg@fakef1_trainer Told you she is mine. hehehe

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi I think @FakeDanica is warming to you.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer you can get even more kisses if you like to! ;)

fakef1_trainer@fakeHulkenberg Who's lap is she sitting on now? Not yours? Oh then it must be mine.

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer @FakeDanica I think so too! Shes not as aggressive to me as she was a few days ago!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Whoa... I think you just blew my mind... do it some more!

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer @fakeHulkenberg I need another fizzy drink! ;D

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi It's only a matter of time.

fakekimi@fakef1_trainer @fakeHulkenberg i want someone in my lap too

fakeklien@fakeliuzzi lucky to get away maybe... you only 'decorated' your room in that house because you liked 'entertaining'

fakeHulkenberg@fakekimi I hope that was not your try to get me to sit on your lap o.O you scare me when you're drunk (or sober?).

fakeliuzzi@fakeklien yeah and entertain I did long into the night!

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 You can have my podium champagne.

fakekimi@fakeHulkenberg drunk?? Get your hands off me i'll drive sideways if i want too

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer yep @FakeDanica will walm to me soon! and if see doesn't then there is other things I can do to get her!

fakef1_trainer@fakekimi I'd give you some tips but there's a lady here who's just taking all of my attention.

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Cheap podium champagne? You're worth so much more than that.

fakeklien@fakeliuzzi I know...

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg thx, gentleman! forget @fakekimi - and I show you what I can do! Jetzt aber husch husch ins Körbchen! ;D

fakeliuzzi@fakeklien couldn't you sleep with the noise going on through the wall?

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 Bei dir werd ich zum Schoßhund, sweetie! *winks*

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Now I'm a nice guy but maybe a little attention here?

FakeSebVettel Does anyone listen to @FakeJarnoTrulli ? Or is he just a senile old man talking to himself - and spamming is?

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Ey, nice boy, sry, I needed a short drink but go on with the dance now! :)

ladyofsalzburg@FakeSebVettel you're only jealous

fakeklien@fakeliuzzi did you never notice my ear plugs?

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 OK, your lapdog's been sent out, I hope.

fakeliuzzi@fakeklien or course you could never sleep without them

fakeklien@fakeliuzzi I never use them now :P

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg mach so weiter... Hatten wir nich von Sehnsucht und Verlangen gesprochen?^^

fakeHulkenberg@fakef1_trainer *growls* *bites*

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg maybe he is. @fakesebvettel I've got a couple of sluts over, want one?

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg are you trying to be me? Cuz your a rubbish me!

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer look into my eyes - *close the eyes and kiss!*

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 Ja, hatten wir. lol!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Whoa. And I was just thinking I should leave...

fakeliuzzi@fakeklien entertaining girls yourself these days?

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi Why should I try to be you, when I am already The Incredible Hulki? I is awesome.

fakeHulkenberg@fakef1_trainer maybe, but certainly not if you hold the chain. Wouldn't mind it too much if it's @Fizzy001

fakekimi RT @fakesenna: @FakeJarnoTrulli - @fakekimi´s let himself go a bit ;) (look like microsoft talent)

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg maybe you are but not awesome at pulling girls!

fakeklien@fakeliuzzi I did before, you were just too busy to notice

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer What?!? Did I put my shoulder to the wheel for nothing?!?

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi says the one who needs to knock out his girls to impregnate them...

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Call this nothing?

fakeliuzzi@fakeklien Yeah I was a bit preoccupied.

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 You whisper in German if you want, whatever you like

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Not sure - it could still mean nothing... You really want to leave?!? :(

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg they were coincidences, they pass out from exhaustion! Girls generally throw themselves at me

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg I bet you can't unhook a bra just by looking at it like me!

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi The only 'throw' with you and girls involved is girls throwing up on you when they see you.

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi you can?!

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi That's only because looking is as close to a bra as you ever get. I can unhook it with a twist of my hand. The ladies love it.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer *whisper sth in German in your ear* - relax and stop talking! ;)

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg Have you been watching me, learning my moves boy?

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg Oh yes I did it to you too!

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg Agree, eh @fakeliuzzi see, @fakeHulkenberg is the real womanizer! :p

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi I seriously doubt there is anything you could teach me...

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 I never wanted to leave and not now... sorry, you said stop talking.

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg the bras just fall off, or I should say the ladies just whip them off when they see me to try and attract me.

ladyofsalzburg RT @fakeliuzzi: @ladyofsalzburg Oh yes I did it to you too! < oh dear

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg you are young and naive there is much more to learn you just don't know it yet!

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakeliuzzi I highly doubt that was the case with my wonderful @ladyofsalzburg ...

fakeliuzzi@FakeJarnoTrulli A couple of red bull and vodkas and anything is possible.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer ok then! :) Wherever we stopped - please keep going! ;)

fakef1_trainer These boys talk too much... now Miss Fizzy, if you're ready... let me do what I've been dreaming of.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Go on - I'm putty in your hands!

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakeliuzzi Suppose, but still, @ladyofsalzburg is as the name suggests, a lady

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 he's discussing, i mean arguing, with @fakehulkenberg over bras and what works best with them etc

ladyofsalzburg RT @fakef1_trainer: These boys talk too much... now Miss Fizzy, if you're ready... let me do what I've been dreaming of. < TMI guys!

fakeliuzzi@FakeJarnoTrulli and what a lady!!

ChelleC79@fakef1_trainer It was released in 1991. Was @fakeliuzzi like that even back then?

starla37@ladyofsalzburg ok think I'll steer clear of that then lol

fakeliuzzi@FakeJarnoTrulli She was one of my best! Not a hollow shell like the grid girls! thought there short skirts make up for it :D

fakef1_trainer@ChelleC79 It wouldn't surprise me.

fakeHulkenberg@ladyofsalzburg and @starla37 : I must apologize for @fakeliuzzi 's rude behavior, he just doesn't know how to treat ladies. He is a loser.

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Then give yourself up to the moment... time for talking's over.

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli please rescue @ladyofsalzburg!!

ChelleC79@fakef1_trainer But then it was probably excused as childishness.

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 I know, she deserves so much better treatment! Off to save the princess again!

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 the act has been done there is no need to rescue her! Aren't you meant to be having sex with that trainer guy?

ladyofsalzburg Im just going to go hide over there in the corner

fakef1_trainer@ChelleC79 I wonder what's his excuse these days. His poor mother must be horrified.

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg your just jealous that you haven't pulled them yourself!

Fizzy001@FakeJarnoTrulli Thx, hero!

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 Good night, my precious grid girl!

fakeliuzzi@ladyofsalzburg OK sexy

Fizzy001 Leaving to give myself up to the moment with @fakef1_trainer! Good night everybody!

FakeJarnoTrulli@Fizzy001 Just call me Super Mario!

fakeliuzzi@Fizzy001 Night, try not to think of Flav in his thong!!

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg Good night future F1 worldchampion!

starla37 RT @fakeliuzzi: @Fizzy001 Aren't you meant to be having sex with that trainer guy? < sorry but that just made me laugh so much xDDD

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi You leave MissFizzy out of this. She's a very special lady and you won't mention our time together again! Goodnight, 'sir'.

ChelleC79@fakef1_trainer he really shouldn't have taken on @fakeflav as mentor...

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg aren't you meant to be going to bed alone now?? Its past your bedtime.

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer night (Flav in a Thong) hahaha! I will make you think of it!

fakeHulkenberg@fakeliuzzi I never go to bed alone. I have my army of fangirls and minions. Something you'll never have.

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 so subtle, isn't he?

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli <- Top bloke!

fakeliuzzi@fakeHulkenberg I've got a fair few here! Its quality not quantity, bet yours are mingin

starla37@ladyofsalzburg exactly but oh god that really amused me - still gigling away to myself lol

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi I've got a glimpse of heaven right here... so goodnight all.

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer OK I've already had her. You will have fun!

fakef1_trainer@fakeliuzzi Tomorrow, I'm gonna kick your scrawny ass!

fakeliuzzi@fakef1_trainer whatever if you can catch me! now go to @Fizzy001 she isn't going to wait forever!

fakeliuzzi Well I'm off to Bed with these two gorgeous women who will do whatever I tell them to do :P Goodnight sexy girls and jealous men!

starla37@fakeliuzzi sweet dreams....... hehe

ladyofsalzburg@fakeliuzzi hahahaha

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 him, dreams? doubt he wants sleep!

FakeJarnoTrulli I think my Facebook page is becoming the most active it's ever been. Oh yes, and @ladyofsalzburg is my new 'Head of International Relations'

ladyofsalzburg I just realised I still have the ticker chart on my LJ... now it's counting back from the German GP.

starla37@ladyofsalzburg somehow I think he's all talk and so dreams are his only hope lol

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 you may be true. I wish I could clarify but as I don't remember anything, well, anything could have happened!

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli yay. I have added that to my profile on here now :)

starla37@ladyofsalzburg oh no don't say that, the thought of any poor girl with @fakeliuzzi is too terrifying o_O

ladyofsalzburg@starla37 I know.

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg Oh very good! Mind you, we're limited to only a few languages though... unless you speak Swahili or something

zephyf1 *curls up in blanket* did the fake drivers calm down? good! XD

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli true, but google has many languages... my translations from any language to english are ok, just the other way not so good

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg That'll do!

starla37@zephyf1 Hehe you gotta love 'em though they do get a bit rowdy!!

ladyofsalzburg@zephyf1 I think so, yes

zephyf1@starla37 I do love them a lot. they amuse me to no end XD Though I still hate that there is no fake nico...

FakeJarnoTrulli I think it's time for this young Italian racer to retire... to bed!

starla37@FakeJarnoTrulli Nighty night - sleep well xxx

FakeJarnoTrulli@starla37 Thank you kind lady, and I shall tweet again soon.

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli Goodnight my hero xx

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg Goodnight!

ladyofsalzburg Talking of sleep, I might head off that way too. I'm tired. Goodnight x

starla37@ladyofsalzburg me too zzzz Night night x
Tags: funny, random, twitter

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