Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

'... after last night's debacle...' cont. pt13

More shenanigans from the world of Twitter

FakeJarnoTrulli I like sound of #followfriday. Here mine. @ladyofsalzburg as she's so lovely. @starla37 as a fan.

fakef1_trainer #followfriday @fakemarkwebber @fakeChrisHorner < My very nice bosses!

Fizzy001 I should also do some housework... :/

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Thanks for the support, from all the guys and me x

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Yes, I'll watch.

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer you're welcome! You're special and I know another guy, too who also deserve some support! ;)

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer nice, I'll do a strip at the time time and then continue doing it naked! ;p

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Thanks, Missy, you're the best, So would that be a driver?

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer only because you're so lovely! No, it's not a driver!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 In that case, don't forget the skirting boards... better get that dust off. And there's a bit of dust just here... by my thigh

fakeChrisHorner Hi everyone I'm back. I was upset a few days ago but I spent a few days in a darkened room drinking and eating chocolate, it's my weakness

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer Help me!! I've put on some weight in the last few days, train me!

ladyofsalzburg@fakeChrisHorner tea detox required!

fakeChrisHorner@ladyofsalzburg Yes and @fakef1_trainer 's help is also required.

ladyofsalzburg@fakeChrisHorner yup, but you'll have to pry @fakef1_trainer off @Fizzy001 first

fakeChrisHorner@ladyofsalzburg yes but tea will have to come first

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer oh really?!? Let me see... I'll take care of it! ;)

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg NOOO! @fakeChrisHorner has to wait... let me play a little more with @fakef1_trainer... ;p

fakeChrisHorner@Fizzy001 I can wait, I need to drink my tea first and its a big pot!

ladyofsalzburgRT @RobFerrari: @Fizzy001 Hurry up, we've got a session this afternoon........A WORKOUT session you dirty little... :P < with who though?!

Fizzy001@fakeChrisHorner Ok, thanks. Enjoy! :)

RobFerrari@ladyofsalzburg Ha, @fakef1_trainer ofc, she's just been busy with him all morning ;)

ladyofsalzburg@RobFerrari LOL all morning?! Dude where have you been... it's more like all night!

Fizzy001@RobFerrari That won't wash with me. Maybe he'll be a little late this afternoon! :p

fakeChrisHorner@Fizzy001 It wouldn't be fun, it will be hard work but I need to get fit again!

RobFerrari@ladyofsalzburg In the pub LOL

RobFerrari@Fizzy001 Alright, but you're paying the overtime!

Fizzy001@fakeChrisHorner I think you're fit... ;) Enjoy the tea first and later the session - at least a little!

ladyofsalzburg@RobFerrari I think you'll find @Fizzy001 is getting it ALL free :P

ladyofsalzburg@RobFerrari slacking mate, slacking. Missed a lot of action last night hahah

fakef1_trainer@fakeChrisHorner Oh dear, there you are, been on one of your depression binges again? Of course, Boss but I'm kind of busy, in a few hours?

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 And there's a bit more... oh yes, there you go, I knew that feather duster would do the trick

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Keep still..

fakef1_trainer@RobFerrari Rob man, be there... soon, you know how it is ;)

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 I can't, it tickles.

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg it'll end too soon UNFORTUNATELY I visit my father tonight and stay at his place until 2morrow :(

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg Can't a guy get some privacy around here?!

ladyofsalzburg@Fizzy001 would he not approve of your taking @fakef1_trainer with you?

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer *giggle* sry...

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer I was just prewarning him you might be busy!

fakef1_trainer RT @Fizzy001 let me play a little more with @fakef1_trainer. - Yes, we all need a little play time.

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg maybe but I prefer cosy togetherness! ;)

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg I'm sure Mr Fizzy would approve and I'd like to meet him too but not just right now.

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Let's no worry about tomorrow, we still have right now and there's the bath tub to scrub...

fakeChrisHorner@Fizzy001 I'm sure it won't be that bad but the hangover wouldn't help!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer OK but the longer I wait the more biscuits I will eat.

Fizzy001 - @fakef1_trainer you mean sth like that? ;)

ladyofsalzburg@Fizzy001 careful, spoiling him might distract him from his fitness regime

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg don't worry he can start his sessions in the afternoon...

fakeChrisHorner - Time line of my diet. I don't want to be the middle me again!

fakeChrisHorner RT - Time line of my diet. I don't want to be the middle me again! < @fakef1_trainer This is why I need your help!

Fizzy001@fakeChrisHorner I like the pic on the right! Don't worry @fakef1_trainer will be there soon!

fakeChrisHorner@Fizzy001 YAY! have eaten about 5 chocolate biscuits while waiting for him! I'm a sucker for chocolate!

Fizzy001@fakeChrisHorner I've got an idea: why don't you go to practice with @FakeF1GridGirl?

fakeChrisHorner@Fizzy001 Good Idea! ;)

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer ok - we can enjoy some longer! ;)

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer I changed my mind, I need your help now! I'm just about to open another pack of chocolate biscuits!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer I will be great at it, but I need a workout session now!

fakef1_trainer More #followfriday faves; @Fizzy001 (my sweetie) @FakeF1GridGirl and not forgetting @Forza_Felipe

fakef1_trainer@fakeChrisHorner - I'm here to help, Big C (I mean big as in the boss not big as in whoa... porky!)

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer MOTIVATE ME!!!

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 We deserved a restful soak after all that hard work... who knew housework could be so... rewarding!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer I've just found some more chocolate! HELP!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer This chocolate has caramel in!!!

fakef1_trainer@fakeChrisHorner Do you want to look like the driver you once were or some bloated Team Boss who only sees his d*** when he's lying down?!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer skinny driver skinny driver!!! help help help!

fakef1_trainer@fakeChrisHorner Not @fakemarkwebber's no-so-secret stash of chocolate koala bars?! Oh cr*p!

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer oh yes! Thx for your help - let's relax now! :)

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer emmm there really nice!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer I don't want to eat them but I can't help it!

Fizzy001@fakeChrisHorner gasping... Deep breath - in - out - in - out...

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 You're right there, sweets... I have stamina.

fakeChrisHorner@Fizzy001 Someone take the chocolate koalas away!

ladyofsalzburg It's no use. Lady Gaga is stuck in my head

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer :D well I really need to relax a little now! *phew*

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer you have to drag me to the gym right now while I dig in to the second chocolate koala!

FakeJarnoTrulli RT @ladyofsalzburg: It's no use. Lady Gaga is stuck in my head < Oh dear, why does Lady Gaga make songs that stick in heads? I have same.

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg which song of Lady Gaga?

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg Waits for @fakeliuzzi to comment on that.

fakeChrisHorner Hyperventilating! Help me!!

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli I don't know. They are annoyingly catchy!

ladyofsalzburg@Fizzy001 a cross between Paparazzi and Poker Face. Quite odd, if I do say so myself.

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Sure you do, just take it easy... you deserve to. I might just join you.

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg I keep getting 'Paparazzi' stuck in my head. Is annoying as hell. I do no like lady boys to have songs that are in my head.

ladyofsalzburg@fakef1_trainer Gee I can't wait. /sarcasm

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer nooooooooooooooooooooo help me!!

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer we need to help @fakeChrisHorner!! *run to get the medical bag from my room*

fakef1_trainer So much for a rest, sorry @Fizzy001 but @fakeChrisHorner needs me! Wait for me?

ladyofsalzburg@FakeJarnoTrulli I had that stuck in my head, but crossed with Poker Face. An odd mix

fakef1_trainer@fakeChrisHorner OK Big C, take it easy... the bad koalas are gone!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer phewwww

FakeJarnoTrulli@ladyofsalzburg How horrible. Maybe @Fizzy001 has cure for it, she keeps trying to get me with all sorts of medicines.

fakef1_trainer@ladyofsalzburg I know, it won't be good but it will be inevitable

fakeChrisHorner arrgh sugar rush! It hurts!

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli She does have an extraordinary array of "medicines"

Fizzy001@fakeChrisHorner emergency medical service is right here, come down and relax!!

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer Has she got any for sugar rushes??

fakef1_trainer@fakeChrisHorner OK, use that pain... let's get you working.

fakeChrisHorner@fakef1_trainer OK

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer I'll be waiting (in the background) - just in case medical attention is needed...

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg not sure how bad it is.. Maybe this helps (shock therapy)

Fizzy001Time to open another "fizzy" drink! :)

ladyofsalzburg@Fizzy001 I dont know about shock tactics but I do feel unbelievably sick at the moment

Fizzy001 REMEMBER: @fakefisichella is a Ferrari guy!! :) B) ;D

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg oh, sorry, are you allergic?!? What about this?

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg or or

ladyofsalzburg@Fizzy001 no not them. I do really feel rather ill

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg oh, then let's get you some "Vertirosan" and a lie-down - you feel much better when you wake up ;)

ladyofsalzburg@Fizzy001 err?

ladyofsalzburg Feeling queasy. Going to sit on the sofa and watch some Charmed with a cup of tea and write a message to my Guides who don't know Im leaving

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 Thanks for helping with @fakeChrisHorner, you're an angel. And I'll get you something bubbly later, ok?

fakef1_trainer@fakeChrisHorner What the heck?!

FakeJarnoTrulliDon't know which country this from, but I make the commentators laugh lots. In fact, they take it over the top!

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli You're the man! Have you noticed when you search on youtube for F1 you're never more than 3 clicks from Mark vomiting.

Lizemery@ladyofsalzburg oh noses, I hope you feel better dude. :)

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer you're very welcome - let's have a bubbly bath later, too, ok?

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakef1_trainer Yes... that rather disturbing, but still, my team radio comedy value is great. Ferrari should have chose me for just that!

fakef1_trainer@FakeJarnoTrulli You made the Top 5! #1! #fakeF1 Star.

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 You know how to treat a man! I hope I treat you like the lady you are.

fakeChrisHorner@FakeJarnoTrulli Its true, Fisi isn't that funny! But @FakeRobSmedley is comedy gold!!

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakeChrisHorner Me and @FakeRobSmedley make comedy duo, like, say, Abbot and Costello!

FakeJarnoTrulli@fakef1_trainer Not just in top 5, but #1, right where I should be!

Fizzy001 I like this one! XD Imagine them as team colleagues - nice! *scared*

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer thx! :) Yeah, you do! ;)

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer Oh, sry, won't make it for a bath my father will be here in a few minutes.. What about 2morrow?

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 Good morning, my lady, had a good night. How was yours?

fakeHulkenbergGood afternoon, my army of loyal minions! Getting everything ready for Monza. Next target: GP2 title. Then: F1 title. Then: World Domination

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg Der Verschollene!^^ Mine was very good, thx! ;)

ladyofsalzburg Munching in a bid to make this feeling go away

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 Not Verschollen, just busy. Analysed Spa GP to be more efficient at Monza.

Fizzy001@ladyofsalzburg I'll send @FakeJarnoTrulli to ya - he'll make you feel better!

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg Oh, ok! Then I'm proud - but do you really need to do that? (I don't think so!) ;)

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 Preparation is the key to success. Also: I like to watch the replay of how 4 drivers fell victim to my sabotage technics on lap 1

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg of course! Looking forward to be your Grid Girl ;)

fakeHulkenberg@Fizzy001 @FakeF1GridGirl Thank you ladies! *hands out roses*

Fizzy001@fakeHulkenberg uuuhhh! Charming! :)

fakef1_trainer@Fizzy001 That's ok, probably wouldn't impress Mr Fizzy if he found us soapy and wet together. Have a good evening, will call you tomorrow x

fakeChrisHorner@FakeJarnoTrulli True you and @FakeRobSmedley would have made a classic comedy duo.

fakekimi@fakeHulkenberg stop saying 'hehe' my young clone, its not manly

fakeHulkenberg@fakekimi what do you suggest is manly then?

fakekimi RT @fakef1_trainer: @FakeJarnoTrulli You made the Top 5! #1! #fakeF1 I'm at #4!

fakef1_trainer@fakekimi RT I'm at #4! - I thought you'd like that.

fakekimi@fakeHulkenberg mumbling is good look at me nobody knows what i'm saying but its still sexy

Fizzy001@fakef1_trainer yes,probably! *lol* Will wait for your call! ;)

fakeHulkenberg@fakekimi mumbling isn't sexy, it makes you look like you swallowed your toothbrush that morning - if you even know what that is.
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