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Jan. 14th, 2008

I came out of Studies in Musicology earlier going 'I'm going to fail my dissertation.  Thank you so much Steven' because, lets face it, I've not done very much on it at all, and well, Steven gave us a load of sheets on what we should be doing (in general terms), including some sheets on grammar... yes, grammar.... and he said the dreaded phrase 'and you've been working on these for a term now'.  Well theoretically we have, but practically I have not, because I was fighting Slavery....

You'd think though that after realising that I really do need to do work, otherwise I will fail, I would actually do work.... but alas, no.  Since I have been back, I've made cakes, made numerous cups of tea, eaten some of said cakes, messed around on LJ, talked about how I need to do work or I will fail, watched some Top Gear on Dave, watched some Whose Line Is It Anyway, had a text conversation about when our medicinal steak meetings at the New Wharf will begin again, and done just about anything else I can think of instead of work.  Needless to say I've not got a lot done today...

But what am I doing now I hear you say... Well, currently I'm having a bit of a sing-song with John Barrowman... ok, to John Barrowman's CD haha.  Hey, it's all good.  I shan't be doing much work tomorrow because I'm disappearing off to Leeds for lunch and I don't think I'm going to my Dissertation meeting with my supervisor tomorrow, if it's even on, because I've not done anything on it, at all.

It's now 22.45.  There's not a chance in hell I'm even going to consider doing some work on my cue sheet at the moment... but I really need to contact that guy in Hollywood again and find out where on earth my score is.... could do that now I guess....


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