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On dancing, part 2

Hokay. So, directly linked to this, more dance stuffs.

I was poking around on the tanzschule website and found pictures of the instructors. What can I say...

First up we have the man who did my private lesson yesterday: Thomas.


He's quite tall and surprisingly muscley! Before anyone comments, I know dancers, especially ballet dancers can be really muscley, but as I said to the person who reminded me of that, they often wear tights, and I discovered this through clothes! It did amuse me when we were discussing Ballroom hold and he was all 'yes, and you need to find this muscle here, cause thats where your hand goes'. Such a hard life waltzing around the floor with him...

Next we have the class instructor for my group: Michael.


He thinks he's quite funny, and he is quite funny actually. He's the one that got everyone giggling immaturely when demonstrating some of the steps for Tango. Admittedly I don't get most of his spoken jokes because they're in German but that one you could see what he was doing and well... yes... The only person he danced with was his demonstrating partner, who also helped others out a little yesterday. She's probably on the website too but I can't remember who she is... the ladies on there all look quite similar! Most of the time Michael just looks quite funny wandering around with his microphone headset on telling us what to do.

Finally we have Bernard.


I think he's another teacher, which explains why he was at the school earlier in the day, and why he's on the website, but he was in my class... maybe he was just there to help out cause most of the men don't know what they're doing. Either way, I did dance with him for a bit, and he's the one who started taking the mick when I got it wrong in the Cha Cha Cha because Lady Gaga got stuck in my head. There aren't many people who can get away with doing that, when they don't know me, but apparently he's one of the few who can! He did ask me if I'd done any dancing before and I told him I did English Folk Dance at home. He doesn't know much about that but said I should teach them some. I think not!

Oh, if you want to perv on all the instructors, go here

So yes, those are they. I've also been trying to remember some of the tracks I danced to yesterday. I know I did Cha Cha Cha to Poker Face by Lady Gaga and I think we did Waltz to an instrumental version of Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis (totally awesome track if you don't know it). I don't remember what else we did in class though. The Tango and Quickstep music have completely disappeared from my head.
However, I know that I danced both of those in my private class before, though Thomas kept putting on different bits of music for the private class. The ones he played with the quickstep kept being faster pieces, which is good to see how the same steps fit but can be done faster or slower. However, the one piece that does stick in my head is this: Spotify or video. It's For My Wedding by Don Henley. I know it was this song but I can't remember what I danced to it! All I remember is that I danced to it, and I danced to it in my private lesson. I admit I was kinda going O_o when I realised what the song was about etc and that I was dancing to it with someone I'd literally met a few minutes earlier, especially as Ballroom hold is very... close... but it is a lovely song and I can't stop listening to it now!

Oh, on a slightly different note, while I remember, one of the Austrian blokes I had been dancing with had overheard me talking English, probably in the break when I was talking to Bernard and asked me about it afterwards. He said: 'Are you American?' I was all *fail* and just said, after frowning, 'No, I'm British'. I know his English sucked but still, there is a reason why English is called English... Anyway, I do not sound American. Major fail all round.
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