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Why yes, we do have an iPad

What, what's that? 'You have an iPad?!' I hear you say? Yes. Yes we do. Two, in fact.

Would you like to see them?

The iPad, mark 1.

I know it looks like a folded piece of A4 paper, but really it's not. It's an iPad. I promise you that it was handed to me with the words 'this is an iPad'. Well, maybe not quite as smoothly as that, because I'm sure I looked a bit confused to start with (and then just as confused after being given that statement!) Actually, what this is, is an exact size of the iPad. Well, it's the size of it, but not the thickness (though it would be quite nice to have a computery type thing about that thickness - not quite that thickness because that's a little flimsy and would get bent too easily, but you get what I mean).

The reason for making the iPad mark 1? To check the size. However, Dieter wasn't quite happy with that one so he made a new one.

The iPad, mark 2.

This looks a bit more like what you were expecting, non? This iPad mark 2 is the exact size and weight of the real iPad, though without the rounded corners. Apparently he could have done the rounded corners, but that would have taken a lot more time and he wanted to get it finished. Besides, there's no real need for it to have rounded corners, it just makes it look a bit better.
Inside this one, there is even batteries and a processor (I think he said), or was it memory... possibly memory because I thought he said he needed to do the CPU... Not that it really matters, because the point of this was to make it to get a feel of what the real iPad would be like.

Pro's of using the iPad mark 2: you can accidentally scratch the screen and it doesn't matter. You can drop it and it doesn't matter. It won't stop working if you get it wet (but the paper might decide to go a bit crinkly!)
Con's of using the iPad mark 2: it's pretty hopeless for erm... actually doing stuff.

Now, would you like a photoshoot of our iPads, so you can really see the work that went into them, and what they really look like!

iPad mark 1

Look, it really is just a folded piece of A4 paper. So easy for you to make at home, and you'll get your Blue Peter badge too!

Onto the iPad mark 2

iPad mark 1 and 2 together
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