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'It's time to try defying gravity...'

I'm sorry. I know I've gone AWOL recently, but it will continue for the next couple of weeks at the moment.* There's a lot of stuff going on at the moment. Work is really busy (that won't change though) but there's a lot of extra stress at the moment and I'm just trying my best to get through each day, but it's hard sometimes. Thank you to everyone who is thinking of me at the moment. The next couple of weeks will be hard, but I will get through it somehow. I've got some good people around me and I've been told I'm a strong person and I have realistic ideas about what's going to happen, which is good. However all this talk of court stuffs gets me stressed and results in lack of sleep for me.
I keep trying to distract myself at the moment, which has resulted in quite a lot of shortbread being made, and eaten. It doesn't last long in this house.
I'll try and update when I find time and sanity, but don't expect much for a little while. I am tweeting, which is a little easier than doing a full blown LJ entry, but I will return at some point when everything's calmed down a bit.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said 'Women are like teabags. We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!' I'm now starting to understand that statement, and I agree with it.

*I'm aware that my grammar and syntax are somewhat... odd... at the moment. Just bear with it. If you knew everything that was going on, you wouldn't comment on it
Tags: awol, eleanor roosevelt, life

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