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Mothering Sunday

Today in the UK it is Mothering Sunday. Please note that I said Mothering Sunday rather than Mothers Day. There is a very good reason for this.

Mothering Sunday is a Sunday dedicated to the people who mother us. Those who mother us may not necessarily just be our mums. Admittedly, yes, most of the people who mother us are our mothers, hence the colloquial name Mothers Day, but this is actually incorrect.

What is a mother? Some people will say that it is the lady who gave birth to you. Some people will say that a mother is someone who cares for you, who looks after you. Some people will say both.
For many people your mother will care and look after you, and even if you don't live with your parents anymore, your mother still cares about you, but there are some people who have never had a mother really care about them. However, they have had someone who cares about them, who mothers them. Sometimes they have had several people who mother them.

Sometimes the person that mothers you, that looks after you, that cares for you, is not your mother. Sometimes it is your friend, your neighbour, your relative, your youth leader, your boss. Sometimes the person who mothers you isn't even female.

So today I hope you've taken a few minutes to think about the people who mother you, and, if possible, thank them for it. Yes, it may be difficult, at times it may even be embarrassing, but we have today to celebrate those people who mother us, so put aside your embarrassment, put aside the difficulty in telling those people how much they mean to you and just thank them for it.
Being a mother is a hard job, so please, even if you don't have any gifts, or any fancy speeches, just take the time to tell those people who mother you how much they mean to you, in whatever way you feel comfortable.

You could change someones life by doing so.
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