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New ventures

To make up for being a rubbish LJer (rubbish in that I've not been using LJ at all really) I have come up with a new plan to get me back posting (not excessively, but something at least).

This new venture has the completely cheesy name Sharing Sunday so called because each sunday I shall write an entry on a different topic, thus sharing things with you.

Now here comes the fun part: you decide the topics. Broad and general, narrow and specific, serious, funny, you name it you can ask it and it will get answered. A word, a phrase, whatever you want, just please no essay questions basically because if I do your essay for you and you copy it you'll only get done for plagiarism.

The only catch, I get to choose which order I answer questions in and the length and type of answer will depend on time and my frame of mind that day. Mostly I'd like to be pretty honest about things, but if I'm feeling quirky, then you'll get a quirky answer.

You can ask as many things as you like and can be anonymous if you wish, but I'd quite like to know who you are so I can ask you to explain should I not understand it. Comments to this entry will be screened but I will create a list of topics on here when I have some so you can see the sorts of things people are asking.

Now... have some fun :D


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