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Why hello there Prince Dastan, it's June...

Happy June

Excuse me while I flail over Prince of Persia Jake Gyllenhaal.

Our very short review of the film in 7 words:
Sand, swords, ostrich love and tax evasion.

There are no words to describe the love I feel for Jake Gyllenhaal in that film

I will however say this:
nom nom nom
pretty dagger

And Eruwenn said:
I'm all oooh sworditty sword sword (actually it's a dagger thing) shut up brain (no), and you're all man drool. XD

So I said:
oh yes
but he had swords too
and that costume
and those arms
and the arm candy...
and the sword
and the hair
and and
im gonna stop now

And then I said:
they need to make more PoP films
i need more hair droolage

Tomorrow/later today, once I have had some sleep, I shall post some pictures of the nommable Jake in this.

Long story short: not the best film ever made but fun nonetheless and I want to see it again (pretty damn good as it's based on a video game but a shame there were other films in the same sort of genre recently). You should still see it. It has a bit of everything in it - action, comedy... yada yada. I also need to make nommable icons of this.
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