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*sneaks back in...*

Well hello there LJ land. I do believe it has been a while since I last popped by and there has been a very good reason for this. Several, actually.

1. I've been busy
2. Things have happened but I've been too busy to post about them
3. When I've had time it's seemed inappropriate to post about things that happened ages ago
4. I didn't actually know what on earth was going on
5. The times I've really thought about updating here I've been sat at airports and I can't LJ from there!

They are some pretty lame excuses I know, but take your pick over which one you'd like me to use this time. You don't need to tell me which one/s you've chosen.

Last time I updated this properly was back in the end of April (30th April) as I'm not sure the shorter entry in May counts. The quote of the day and the flailing over hair!porn/hair!nommage in Prince of Persia don't really count as 'proper' entries. Anyway, what has happened since then? Lots. Loads and loads. I've made new friends, been to a wedding, been home, been to an interview, Le Mans, got back, been invited to another interview, had one hell of a hectic time trying to quickly book another flight home, watched all of Glee in 4 days, been to Donauinselfest, sung at a Priest's Ordination... is that it? I don't even remember anymore! I will tackle Donauinselfest in another post (where it will be complete with links to pictures and videos I took when there) when I have more time. I'll also tackle the wedding in another entry I think as I don't think I talked about the other wedding either so that means two I need to write about. Okay then.

Today I have been out at an Austrian Catholic Priest's Ordination which, I have to admit, was a bit weird. I've never been to a British C of E Ordination so to hear a Catholic one in German was definitely odd. Ilse half dragged me to rehearsal for it yesterday and it was a good job she did - it would have essentially been her on soprano as the other girl didn't really sing much at all. Admittedly the whole thing was rather good and they loved us but wow some of the things they did in the service took forever to do. There were only two main problems with doing this: I missed the huge crash in the F1 race in Valencia because I missed the entire race and I missed my friend being online. By 'my friend' I mean the real Fake Di Grassi from Twitter. I do actually know him now (unlike before when Fake Di Grassi asked me out on Twitter in May) and we're pretty close. I know some of you know who I really mean now but for various reasons names will be kept out of this. Can't completely ruin the whole thing now can I? :D

What else? Glee. Yes. Bit late here but I rather like love it. I know that it's kinda cheesy especially at times but it's good fun. I will confess to having a bit of a crush on Will Schuester as well but Sue really stole the show, hands down. I saw the last two episodes on the TV when I was at home because my sister was watching it (and I'd seen the Madonna episode last time I was back, just so I could say I'd seen an episode of Glee, so I knew it wasn't too bad) and when I got back here I decided I really wanted to find out how they got to the end. So, with a bit of poking around online I watched the whole show over 4 days. Not bad if I do say so myself! Only problem with this is that I am now liking Journey a fair bit, or at least 3 of their songs! Favourite Glee episodes are The Power of Madonna, Theatricality and Mattress though all of them had certain songs or parts that were particularly good.

I was going to talk about going home and interviews now but as it's getting late I think I may leave that until tomorrow and see if I can actually catch up on the end of Merlin S2 which I still haven't managed to watch yet. Anything to procrastinate from packing though I really need to do that so I can work out what else I need to put in this box to post back. I honestly do not know how I have accumulated all this stuff! I didn't come over with this much stuff and I've already taken loads of stuff back! It's rather worrying...
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