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Many Meetings

I'm coming to you live through the wonders of technology... I'm not entirely sure if this will work as I'm writing it on my BlackBerry but we shall see!

I will admit to being somewhat addicted to the berry, mostly because it keeps me in contact with people, especially those on Twitter, some of whom I've now had the pleasure of meeting in real life now. Tweetups are rather fun, as I discovered on Saturday. It was a little bizarre having people know who I was but I had no idea who they were and the amount of people who commented to me that I was younger than they thought was also surprising! One of them even said 'you're younger than I thought, but you sound so wise I thought you were older!' Which amused me somewhat.
Nevertheless it was nice seeing some people in real life and also catching up with some I'd met at other times. I know this tweetup was in memory of valdary and actually it was only at her funeral that I'd met some of the others originally, but it was a really nice day, both of the times, only this time I didn't have people saying 'I saw you at the funeral' and me going O_o or saying 'I sat next to you at the funeral and me going O_o even more! That one did embarrass me somewhat!

I guess this is a bit of a shout out to everyone I met at the tweetup then. I'm not sure I'll be able to remember all the names but it was really nice seeing and talkingg to @thedinnerlady, @followthethread, @hardlyaverage, @sazchik, @rollercolster, @thesaz85, @pbartworks, @daddyperry and more on saturday. Here's to another tweetup where I manage to actually talk to more people!

On a completely different note I did have a surprise catch up with Neil, one of the tutors for my sister's winf orchestra (the one I was in when I was younger). Throughout the first half of the concert Neil and I sat there wondering who each other was as we both recognised each other. Turns out he was one of the tutors from the concert we did at Birmingham Town Hall just after it had been refurbished. I still remember it was a great concert and we had a lovely chat about things now. Like catching up with an old friend. All in all the end to a rather good day :)


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