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That astrology thing, part 2

As my highly cynical friend agreed that the prior entry about astrology was actually very like me, I thought I would continue to quote from the book... So here goes.

'Leo's generosity is legendary. You understand instinctively that the true measure of wealth is being able to give it away. Like the Sun, you'll shine on the deserving and undeserving alike. Giving - either of your goods or yourself - brings you great pleasure. Although your generosity is usually pure altruism, occasionally you may have to check that there's not a touch of self interest there; giving in order to provoke a sense of obligation. Sometimes it can actually be nobler to receive than give, allowing other people to feel generous for a change.'

'You can give so much simply by your presence. Like the Sun, when you're in your full glory you make everyone around you feel happy, energised and good about themselves. You're uplifting and fun to be with, and your disarming way of admitting you need love warms the hearts of even the most cynical.'

'Because you are so idealistic you expect the best, from both yourself and others. And when it's not forthcoming you can be devastated. Because you live so much in the imagination, where everything is perfect and sharp corners simply don't exist, you can have huge problems accommodating the limitations and imperfections of the physical world. You're not interested in the petty details of everyday life. Secretly you expect these trivialities to be taken care of by right. The way you throw money about may cause problems in relationships. Part of you believes that money will just materialise when you need it.'

'You love to sweep your partner off their feet. There can be nothing more romantic than being wooed by a Leo. You pull out all the stops, with huge dramatic gestures. Being the soul of honour, once you've made a commitment and given your word, you can be relied upon absolutely to be honourable, loyal and devoted. If you're made a promise, you'll keep it.'

'You like a partner whom you are proud to be seen with. But if they start to upstage you in any way you won't be best pleased. You may become peevish or even try to undermine your partner's achievements. It's essential that you have some kind of creative work that is yours alone to take credit for. Otherwise you could sour the partnership with your jealousy.'

And I'll leave that bit there....
One other bit that's interesting though is that apparently I am a Leo with my Venus in Leo, whatever that means, and have either a morning or evening star Venus. I find much of this quite true too.

'This is a wonderful placement for the performing arts or competitive sports. You're in love with life and love. You love to be noticed, sometimes ostentatiously and outrageously so, and possess an impeccable flair for presentation and dramatic timing. Madonna, who has reinvented herself many times and built a career on flamboyance, is an outstanding example of this. Alfred Hitchcock is another. He delighted in making fleeting appearances in all of his films. It became his trademark and filmgoers would often concentrate as much on playing Hunt the Hitchcock as they would on the film itself. You're warm hearted, affectionate and romantic and like to pamper and spoil those you love. But you do expect obedience. You're immensely proud and can be very touchy if you feel you've been slighted. With your urge to impress people, you may choose partners whom you can show off ans boast about. Clothes and appearance matter to you. You like dramatic, exciting courtships and love lavish parties and entertaining in the grand manner. Once committed to a relationship or project, you are in it intensely and seriously. You're attracted to people whose adulation could help shore up your ego and who give you unconditional love, admiration and tireless support.'

Yeah.. I'd say that's pretty true! I don't like parties normally but high class stuff is a whole different level, I love that!

And now I shall leave you to return to your sanity without my ramblings!

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