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I worked at a school for a while where their motto was 'Love, Live, Learn'.  This is very similar to my work with Rainbows where their motto is 'look, learn, laugh, love' but both have got me thinking.  I think perhaps the school motto includes both 'look' and 'laugh' within 'live'.  To live sometimes we look, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and sometimes we do things we never even thought we'd do.

As we have now entered a new year I thought I would try and look back on my 2012 using the Love, Live, Learn motto.  I don't expect any of you to read this, though I'm not going to stop you if you want to, but if you wish to take this idea and do something similar, feel free.

Wow. 2012. That's been a bit of an eye opener.  I've loved a lot of things on so many levels.  I've loved the Diamond Jubilee and it showed me how much I actually love this country and the Queen (and how awesome she is).  I've loved the Olympics and the Paralympics too and I'm really pleased I managed to go and experience some of both in London.  I've loved meeting up with friends and connecting with new friends.  I love the fact that I got to spend a week with my best friend (even though I really didn't want to let her get back on the train at the end!).  I'd like to say I've loved many other people but that wouldn't be strictly true, it was probably more liked, but there's a decent amount of those and I thank you all for having a part in my life, even if it's just small (or very, very confusing).

In some ways I've finally learned to live. It's difficult to explain how and in a way I don't want to even try because it's very personal trying to put into words exactly how I've started to live but I am very pleased I've reached this stage.

So many things learned in 2012. I've learned a lot about myself and I'm working on putting these into my life.  I've learned I love being in school and that I want to try and follow a career in teaching.  I've learned I'm a lot better at working with kids than I thought I was (and my current y5s love me and don't want me to leave!).  I've learned that sometimes even bad situations can lead to good experiences.  I've learned that I am stronger than I think and that it is okay to ask for help if you're struggling.  I've learned that I still have an AWFUL lot to learn but I'm looking forward to it.


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Jan. 7th, 2013 09:31 am (UTC)
Happy New Year, and happy learning in 2013 :)
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 2nd, 2013 12:55 pm (UTC)
Oh gosh of course not! I figured you've either done this by now or you can use it whenever. It's a free thing so I might do it again myself in the new year :)

(Also apologies it has taken me THIS LONG to get back to you. Sorry!)
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