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2008 Almanac

I have missed the Gravel Trap, and all of its Gems on but I have returned to it tonight and have stumbled upon the gem known as 'F1 2008 Almanac'.  Its in 2 parts on there, but to save you clicking through the links, here it all is in one long part....


At the Australian Grand Prix, it’s a bit of a squeeze, but Alex Wurz finally enters the commentary box for his debut with Austrian TV.

Toyota announce that this will be their year before lining up in their traditional grid slots of 13th and 14th.

Ralf Schumacher’s sabbatical gets off to a bad start when he stalls his car while shopping in Salzburg. He blames a loss of hydraulic pressure.


At the Bahrain round, Fernando Alonso has a hissy fit when he is outqualified by Nelson Piquet Jr. Renault responds by attaching a small caravan to the back of the young upstart’s car.

David Coulthard starts to push Red Bull on his 2009 contract.

While testing for Ferrari, Michael Schumacher accidentally wins the Spanish GP.


With an on-form Renault fighting it out with Ferrari and McLaren, and with BMW and Honda hot on their heels, Toyota finally understand their car and announce that 2008 will be a "year of consolidation".

In the heat of the Turkish paddock, Ron Dennis is overcome due to the long walk from the paddock entrance to his motorhome. McLaren install a mini railway for the rest of the weekend.


Force India finish the Bahrain race, while in Germany Ralf Schumacher announces his return to racing next year with a "top team". Everybody looks quizzically at everybody else.

In Canada, Rubens Barrichello becomes the most experienced F1 driver of all time. Cue the usual cake-in-face hilarity.

Ex-F1 star Jos Verstappen starts the Le Mans 24 Hours. Unfortunately he falls out with his entire team before turn one and announces he is off to Champ Cars. Again.


A surprised Anthony Davidson wins the storm-lashed British Grand Prix after a stray Lewis Hamilton flag causes carnage at Copse Corner.

Meanwhile, Bernie Ecclestone savages Silverstone for being in Northamptonshire.

A flying Raikkonen takes victory at Hockenheim despite taking the old track through the forest – just for fun.

After of lot of pushing and pulling, Alex Wurz is finally released from the Melbourne commentary booth. A bigger one is promised for future grands prix.


No fireworks at the Hungaroring this year as the race returns to the reliable snoozefest it used to be.

The inaugural race in Valencia goes well, though the anti-Hamilton banners have been replaced by anti-Piquet ones as the young charger continues to outpace Alonso – despite the caravan now being laden with luggage and tins of baked beans.


A delighted Nick Heidfeld secures his maiden victory at Spa before realising he has turned up a week early.

The bearded one blames that week’s full moon for upsetting his train of thought. Much howling at BMW.

Disaster strikes the planned night race in Singapore, as local residents shun the event to watch boy racers do doughnuts in empty supermarket car parks. Cheaper and probably just as exciting.


On arrival at the Shanghai circuit, Lewis Hamilton breaks down in tears at the sight of that gravel trap, but insists he has no regrets.

Nobody thought that last year’s tempest at Fuji could be beaten until the nearby volcano erupts, spewing molten lava onto the main straight.

The GPDA protest but the race goes ahead, won by Honda who are not fazed by such trivial disasters.


Ralf Schumacher announces he is off to NASCAR for 2009; his old buddies Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve can’t wait.

Brazil explodes as home boy Nelson Piquet Jr wins the F1 world title in Sao Paulo.

Fernando Alonso explodes as home boy Nelson Piquet Jr wins the F1 world title in Sao Paulo.

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