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Quote of the Day

It would be fairer to say that these are Quotes of the Weekend... and to think, this was training!

"I lost my ears on the stairs!"

"There's no such thing as bad weather, there's just inappropriate clothing"

"I'm to old to hump...!"

"I like to think that I'm Stephen Fry's love child..."
"From a drunken one night stand with a woman...?  Seeing as he's gay?"
"No... from a drunken sperm donation"

"Excuse me while I just move my boobs"

"Clare, what are you trying to show me here?"
"My strappy top"
"Oh, there it is.  I could only see your cleavage before"
"Oh yes, me flashing my cleavage...."

"Let me just get my pen..."
"Where did that come from?"
"My cleavage.  No, actually it was attached to the collar of my blouse, but it likes to slip"

"You know what they were saying yesterday... about guide leaders having big boobs.... there must be a bursary put aside for people once they've reached a certain number of years of volunteering to have enlargements.  I wonder how long I have to go until I can claim for my enlargements?"

"Should we take our p0rn star pictures now?"

"Stop swearing at the ghost"

I know there were a lot more hilarious ones, but I can't remember.... so we'll have to make do with these.  I may explain them at some point if someone asks hahaha

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