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To tidy a room

How is it that when you tidy your room you manage to find things you didnt even think you had.  I currently have so much random stuff all over my floor I can use them as stepping stones all round my room.  Its quite impressive really, in a strange kind of way, though also in a strange way yet completely unrelated, someone is cooking Indian food.  Now I know theyre not doing it here because Im the only one here (well, actually at this precise moment my landlord and his Polish Handyman are in doing some work on the other rooms), which means it must be someone else on this road, who can cook.  Damn them for making me hungry!!

Anyhoo.  Although Wednesdays are normally my work day, aka my day off, today I have to go to a meeting in Uni.  The  School Equal Opportunities Committee, which for some reason I said Id go on.  At the moment I dont know what it will be like, so Ill probably write about it later (well obviously I cant do it now cause well its not for another 2hours).  Hopefully it wont go on too long or anything cause Ive got stuff to do after, possibly shopping, havent decided yet, and I dont want to miss Neighbours this evening seeing as Im missing it at lunchtime.  Will Ringo live or die? That is the question.

For now though, I shall persevere with the tidying before going to my meeting and then back to Lily Nails to book in for saturday to redo my nails.  Ahh its all good.

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