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Quote of the Day

Not so much quote of the day, really stupid action of the day.

The quote was "Yes, I walked into the post to make Hester feel better about laughing during the service"

The story behind it was that we got distracted by a man walking along the street with a pink glove on.  We found it quite amusing, as did Guy, then all of a sudden we heard an 'ow that hurt' and looked over to Guy who was bent double.  After a moment he started laughing as did the rest of us.  Turns out that he was also distracted by the man in the pink glove (yes glove, singular) and turned round and walked straight into the post before he even realised it was there.   What makes it funnier is that the post was only about 1metre tall... and square.  But, as Guy put it "I didn't get that area"....
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