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Quote of the Day

These all happened in Studies In Musicology earlier:

"Bach, Handel, Brahms, Beethoven.  They're 10 course dinners!  Some of the minor renaissance composers, they're like a snickers bar!" - SJ

"I don't know why I bought busts into it" - Guy

"I've never seen a bust of Byrd.  Maybe you could make some money from it... 'second rate busts'.." - SJ

"There's no room for communism in critical judgement" - SJ

"Why do AIM have European music, shouldn't Europe have it first?" - Guy
"Who's AIM?" - SJ (lecturer)
"American Institute of Music" - Guy
"I've not heard of it" - SJ

"You can't just ignore the fact that Mendelssohn's sister was a woman" - SJ

"Yes.  You can regard this [criticism] as fresh and 'sexy' and this [positivism] as old and dull" - SJ
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