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The infamous score.....

It is here!!!!

Well, actually it arrived at home on Monday afternoon and my dad brought it up to me yesterday, but I couldn't take any pictures of it then because I needed to charge my camera, and well, you were hard pressed to get any sense out of me for most of the day...  We were sat in the foyer in music just in complete awe of this score... my supervisor was impressed as well!

So here's some shiny pictures XD.  Sorry not in big format because well, several reasons for that... one it uses up too much bandwidth and the internet here is temperamental enough, but the keen eyed of you may also spot another thing.

This is the box it arrived in.... Every time its been out its gone back in the box.  I'm scared to even take it out the box for fear of it getting something on it!

Oh look, this is stage 2.  All of the score is in this brown paper bag.... are you excited yet?

Here it is!  All out of the bag and the box now and sat on my rug (as it actually currently still is...) Looking all big and important and whatnot.  Does it make you go 'oooooooh' yet?

LOOK!! Tis music!! Ok you can't actually read the notes clearly on this selection of pages I've decided to show you, but you can see the conductors markings.  Yes, this IS a proper official film score.  Go on... admit it.. you're in awe now.

This is actually one of the last pages of the score that I have.  It's all stapled into little sections...  This particular piece of notation is for 16 different violin parts.... I don't know if they are all supposed to be played at the same time, or that's all 16 solo violin lines on one page and they then mix and edit them etc before the soundtrack is finished or what, but its just amazing isn't it?!

Although this is all orchestrated by different people, not Hans Zimmer himself, there are likely to be things written by him on this somewhere, because I would assume he'd check over it.  The conductor's markings on the score however are not Zimmer, because he did not conduct it, Blake Neely did (because Hans Zimmer was playing synthesisers in the recording).

I am slightly confused though, because the solo parts listed on the CD do not appear in this score.... I mean its amazing to have this anyway, and it will help with my dissertation, but I kind of want the solo parts too.  Have just emailed the Customer Service dept at Warner Bros in the hope that my email will be passed on to the relevant people who might be able to help with this query...  We shall see what they have to say, but still, in regards to this *flail*
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