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What a joke

As you may or may not know, Im on the Equal Opportunities Committee, so I went into Uni specially earlier just to go to the meeting.  As usual I was early, but that wasnt a problem.  The meeting was supposed to start at 2.15, by which time we had 4 people, including me.  Just after that, Tim, the dean walked in and it basically stayed with us sat there for a while and the tutors talking about some of the stuff on the sheets.  We left before 3pm.  Needless to say that the tutors who were supposed to be there and werent there will be getting an email from the dean saying that they HAVE to be at the next meeting.  Oh well.  I could say what a waste of an afternoon, but lets face it, what would I have really been doing if Id been here all afternoon?  Probably very little work!

I best go back and fight the Ice Monster in my freezer now though... wish me luck! 
Tags: equal opportunities committee, ice monster

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