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shiny shiny

Look what I have....

And yes, Christian's right leg really IS the essence of racing *giggles*

I also have these in humongous format too (needless to say that I currently haven't done much work since these have come to my attention)

I tried to do a running commentary with these, but well I'm just lost for words.
All I can comment on is that these overalls are very shiny and fit him well....

Shiny shiny Christian in his new BMW overalls XD *squishes* 
Hey, why are you looking at me like that...  It makes me happy.  Fine, don't believe me then.... 

Also,  deltachild informs me that Christian will definitely be doing Le Mans this year, which is pretty shiny.  I had actually already had a tip off about this from a French boy the other day but he wasn't very helpful at all - it was only a semi-stable rumour at the time and there was nothing in the press that I could find, but then I wasn't in France and I didn't want to search the French news.  There's a reason I'm not doing French anymore.
Tags: bmw, christian, deltachild, f1, le mans, pictures
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